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I am pretty sure my guest was lying


In this case you’d probably miss the arrival. Ring only records for 30 seconds. And if you set it so that it’s very sensitive it will be going off all the time. At least that’s the case with mine which is a 1st gen. The new ones are supposed to be better in a number of ways. I think it’s worth investing in hardwired cams that record 24/7 if you have a separate place and you aren’t living onsite.


I first tried REMO and found it had too much of a lag between detection & recording that was missing people as they entered. Ring had been great, the only issue is after it record it seems to lay dormant for a few minutes - but that hasn’t been much of an issue for me.


You can change the settings to help correct that but it runs the battery down faster. Is yours hard wired?


No, I wish it was. I have to re-charge them about once every two weeks - I have the maid do it.


The price for the Ring video doorbell has dropped to $99 on Amazon if anyone is interested. It’s about half the price it used to be because Amazon bought the company


I’m really happy about this as I’m a Ring owner and an Amazon/Alexa person. My Ring is two years old and a bit glitchy but I’m going to wait for the partnership to mature a bit.

Edit: that’s a good price and if I didn’t already have one that functions well enough most of the time I’d buy one. Thanks for sharing. Hopefully some folks will jump on it.



Thank you for sharing this info. I’m going to get one. I suspect the price drop is related to Amazon’s relationship with Ring plus this is gen 1 thus a clearance item. Regardless of the reason, the price is right and it will do a good job.

The Ring doorbell gen 2 is now available for $199. It is smaller & nicer esthetically. I’m not sure it is worth the extra $100. $100 cheaper gives me a lot of tolerance for larger and not-sleek looking.

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