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I Am finished here

Greetings! Thank you all for reading. I don’t understand the replies, but thank you!

Just one question comes to mind. Why?

maybe you can provide bullets just in case they want to use it to fire shots in the air in celebration, or defend themselves against Indians.

don’t forget to make sure your insurance covers litigation liability for accidental death of guests due to use of your weapon

unfamiliar with gun laws in Colorado but is it legal to allow guests to access to a working firearm (ammo or no ammo)?

in my country we are not allowed firearms at all but hope this helps


You mean why do I put a decoration on the wall? You don’t do that?

I lived in Tokyo for ten years, I am very familiar with gun laws there. Happy Sunday!

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Yes, that’s what I meant. Sorry for the too brief question. I get the sense that you’re yanking our chain a bit, as they say. Maybe baiting us? I personally would not care to have a gun on display in my hotel or Airbnb accommodation because I would find it very creepy, even offensive. Others may not feel this way, but some might. So why risk it?

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Maybe in a rustic cabin but not in a Denver condo? I would not have a functioning firearm in a rental of any kind.

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I have to agree. At first I thought to myself: Well why not? It’s sort of unique and I shouldn’t let my gun-control bias spoil it for those who might enjoy having a firearm to admire as a piece of nostalgia. But then I came to my senses.

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