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How would you improve my listing?

Hi, this is my first time hosting on airbnb and I would greatly appreciate any feedback on my listing from the experienced hosts on here. I first listed my place on Sunday and on Monday I had a lot of interest. I’ve hosted one guest already and they left the place in great condition, I have 3 other bookings but haven’t had any enquiries since these bookings and I’m just wondering what I can be doing better.



I would remove any redundant photos of which it seems you have quite a few. They don’t necessarily need to see 6 angles of essentially the same photo. Maybe add some towels to the racks in the bathroom so it doesn’t appear so empty/cold.

Other than that it seems pretty nice to me.

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Thanks for the response, I’ll be sure to do that.

Like Colorado said - too many pix of the same thing. Other than that the listing looks good.

Thanks ken, appreciate the feedback

It looks lovely! And what a great location. Just two minor suggestions -

The first is the usage of the word ‘unique’ although I have to admit that this is a particular bugbear of mine.

The second is the phrase that is right in the main heading description ’ the apartment is regularly cleaned’. I think you could lose that. Airbnb guests expect cleanliness If you mean that it has a daily housekeeping service, then I’d mention that later in the listing.

Just being picky :slight_smile:

Appreciate it jaquo, thanks.

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Peter, your place is lovely! Is the price competitive for your area? When everything else is right as your place is, it usually comes down to price. Best of luck

Your listing looks very nice and the photos are good (though I agree with others, probably too many). When I first looked at it, I thought the base price (€130) was quite expensive, and compared with other Dublin listings would have been a bit beyond my travel budget (I don’t even look at listings above this in order not to be tempted!) On looking at the calendar I realised that this is your price for the Christmas weeks and it’s much more affordable at other times, but I wouldn’t have known this unless I looked at your calendar - I don’t really know what you can do about this, but I thought I’d mention it.

I think two bedroom places are quite tricky to market. Outside school holidays and possibly weekends you’re not going to get families (in any case I see you have “not safe or suitable for children” checked) and I would think a lot more couples travel than groups of friends, so you need to make it affordable to those who only need one bedroom.One way to do this is to lower your base price and charge for extra guests after the first one or two. Perhaps others who rent out two-bedroom spaces could comment?

I think the photos of the neighbourhood are a great idea - it’s years since I’ve been to Dublin, and you’ve certainly fired my enthusiasm for another visit!

Hi Reader. Thanks for the help.
To be honest I haven’t quite figured out the pricing yet, looking at it there in my surrounding area the cheapest that would accommodate 4 like mine does was €145 and the more expensive ones are over €200.
From the feedback I’ve gotten it does seem to be a pricing issue so I’ll have work on finding the right price.
Thanks again

Thanks for taking the time to write such a detailed comment Malagachica.

It does seem to be a pricing issue, I reduced my base price now after your comment and I’ll see what happens. I really appreciate the feedback and would also encourage you to come to Dublin… I happen to know of a great place you could stay, haha.

I think your place looks very nice and clean. I would however put a bowl of fruit, a bottle of wine with two glasses, a vase with flowers just for the pictures. It all depend on what kind of people you like to attract. I am sure you will get plenty of bookings so don’t worry. Here is another thing you also could do. Go to the listings and look for those with most reviews or the superhosts. Read the reviews and look at the pictures they have and see if there is anything they do that you can do to. I compete with a lot of people where i live but my pictures are the first thing that draw people in so also for me. Second is reviews and also price. Here is mine www.airbnb.com/rooms/111689 Good luck.

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Lovely place.
Clean , tidy, uncluttered, colour coordinated!
Good stuff

Thanks for the compliments AquaticQuests!

Thanks for the the great adivce Wenche.

I had a look at your listing and it looks lovely, very elegant. Definitely provides some good inspiration for what I can do.
I’ve taken what you’ve said on board and will get pictures like you suggested up as soon as I can.

Thanks again for taking the time to respond to me aswell, I really appreciate it.

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