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How would you deal with this?


She has already stated that she is in Sweden.


She posted that while I was writing my post.


You already have a confirmed booking for a trial period. You have their phone number. Call them up. Communicate and discuss the matter.
Me …I would go for it. Usually all rates on Airbnb are so high anyways that for a longer term you can give a discount. And going against grain, but I trust my gut feeling and a trial period …I would take hard cold cash for the remainder. But that is just me.


Agreed. I had a long term guest last year, working on contract locally. She stayed for a trial period Mon-Friday and we worked it out from there. She then booked Mon-Fri with me directly, the discount being no Air fees. I was able to take w/e bookings Fri-Sun.

Her contract was sadly not renewed but she’s still a friend, and we enjoyed her company.

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Only difficulty I see with waiting until the trial is that there are likely to be bookings that would interfere with the rest of the off platform stay by then. And there is no way I am going to block off time without payment ahead of time.

When bartering oof platform afterwards you would only save 3% where guest saves about 17%. I figure out the totals, subtract the difference and then split that in 2 so I save 10% and so does the guest. They take it or leave it.

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My two cents – for me (in a popular town), turnover is the key because I have a $75 cleaning fee, so I gain from frequent turnover. Secondly, look into your long-term rental laws. Here, in Colorado, any rental over 30 days is considered “long term”, and those laws kick in, so if they become squatters, you are SOL. My max is 29 nights – and I offer zero discount for long-term stays. However, having been on the other side (as a guest), I did 6 weeks in Marseille, France for a great place and got a 50% discount from the beginning of October through the mid of November. My host was thrilled to have the booking because that was her off-season (and, as a host, I’m a great guest – left the place in perfect condition and asked for nothing during my stay). Just be fully informed of your local laws.

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