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How to write this? About location

I could use some help from members with english as mother language.

We got a poor rating of “location” again. This i happening quite often, even if all the guest write about how they liked the vieuw, the calm, etc. The guests keep comparing us with tourist places in Norway who would fit in right to Disney World. Our village is just average, with nice, and less nice places. I would like to write something like that in the listing:

“There are many nice places in Vestfossen, but also old industrial buildings, houses that have seen their best days and some bad roads. Vestfossen is not a tourist place who lokes like on a calender picture. It’s an authentic and typical Norwegian village with its ups and downs.”

What do you think? Can I write this like this?

Not so good… although “authentic” is a good word. Try writing it from the positive perspective of “what might the guest like about…?” “old industrial buildings” could then turn into “glimpses of Norway’s industrial heritage”… convey the character of the town in a good way.


You could piece together your listing copy from what a few of the good things guests have said. I agree, try not to be negative, just honest. It’s not the fjords and all that we see in the pictures of Norway but just a humble authentic typical Norweigan town.

I always get dinged on location…it’s a real bugaboo. But I clearly tell guests if they are looking to walk to Starbucks,and nightlife this is not the place. If they want peace, quiet, ocean waves and stars, that’s more like us.

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Thank you Hypertokyo and Konacoconutz!

Perhaps zoom out a little and talk about the wider area. I just googled and found this. http://www.gonorway.no/norway/counties/buskerud/oevre_eiker/7635dce8db81650/index.html

This makes the area sound great from my point of view! An opportunity for hiking and visiting the art gallery. Fantastic! Also talk about how close you are to the main road in to Oslo. I’m assuming that most would find this to be a positive.

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Yes, actually the place is really fantastic and close to a lot of attractions. But then the guests complain about the older buildings in the village, about the roads ect. They don’t get that this is the “real” Norway, not the “Disney-Norway”. I have written a lot about the positive things in the listing, and just wont the guests to expect the right thing. But maybe I should just relax and not bother about the rating, even if Airbnb is stressing me out with this.

Thank’s anyway or your suggestion Geddy3!

@Susanne Aye, the old sales rule: Say what it is, not what it is not. If you are centrally located, then that is its great feature, so maybe a cool picturesque touristy map showing all the cool places to see within ‘close proximity’, meaning emphasizing how central it is to everything. Yes, yes it does entail a little ‘imagination’ (aka salesmanship). :slight_smile:

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Hi Susanne; .
Here’s my take on Vestfossen, based on what Wikipedia says about the village:

Vestfossen is a former industrial village with traditions dating back to the 16th century. Originally a lumbering center, the village also became well known for its textiles and papermaking. The industrial era however is past. Today Vestfossen calls itself “the capital of culture”, and is home to the contemporary art gallery Vestfossen Kunstlaboratorium founded by artist Morten Viskum.

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Hi Susanne,

I like what @KenH said. And this is my take, or idea about how you could describe your place.

Vestfossen is an industrial town dating back to the 18th century, with many things to see. Fosseholm Manor House and Vestfossen Chapel are just a few of the local sights. Close by, old industrial buildings, housing built by our founders, and rustic roads tell the story of our town’s past and will give you a sense of life here in the 1800’s.

If your place is indeed quiet and calm compared to other places, do be sure to emphasize that.

Like other posters have said, you can help paint the picture or your town in a more positive light by using words and phrases such as “original”, “authentic”, “steeped in history”.

I think the line about the town being the real Norway and not the Disney version of Norway is good. Not only does it manage expectations of potential guests with post card fantasies, but it may also specifically appeal to the kind of travelers who hate overly touristy places that look fake.


Yes! I agree. It’s more for the kind of traveler that likes to "live like a local"

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I wonder if Norway saw a bump in tourism after the movie “Frozen” came out?

Thank you! That sounds really good.

I will rewrite the whole thing. Thanks for good suggestions everyone.

We got enormous with tourists after Frozen. Even if Frozen has used authentic things from Norway, it’s just little part of Norway. It looks differently where we live and not as “romantic”.

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