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How to sync calendar on Mac?

I spotted the “export calendar” which I did, but then it doesn’t update? I’m guessing it should update whenever the calendar is changed, but at the moment I have to export every time. Anyone know how to get a Mac/iPhone to auto update? Advise greatly appreciated!

Get the iCal link then open calendar (desktop is easier) & add new calendar. FILE > New cal subscription paste link & done.

Down side you can’t edit the invitation for example I wanted to know the $ of each reservation- it seems logical to include…


Thanks, I did do that, but I think it stopped updating. Does yours renew and resync when new guests are booked? Or do you have to sync again?

Same thing happened to me so I would just try again. It could also be affected by the new Mac OS Sierra update

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Ah ok! Thanks, I followed the instructions on your post, hopefully it will auto refresh now. Thanks for the help, glad to know I don’t have to manually refresh each time.

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