How to set up hosting when you are off line for the day

UPDATE for clarification.

This is not an auto-reply. It’s when I went to send a reply to the host and to the left of the message window it showed a picture of I think a crescent moon and the message that the host is offline.

I just sent a message to a host for a trip this weekend and he had it set up that airbnb automatically told me that he was offline and will respond when he’s back on line.

I’d love to add this feature for when I’m sleeping. Anyone know how to set this up? (I did ask the host but not sure if I will hear back from him.)

I tried googling but didn’t see it.

Here’s an Airbnb article about the prebooking message but doesn’t tell you how to set it up.

Looks like this is available only for instant book guests.

I’m guessing it’s not something meant to be used daily for automated replies to arbitrary messages but rather the host doesn’t currently have any guests and just changed the pre-booking message for the specific circumstance.

I think you are correct. Having an automated message for inquiries & booking requests would invalidate the 24 hour response metric.

I like the idea too. It’s kind of like a work “out of office” message.

Thanks but that’s not what I’m looking for.

It’s related to a guest sending a message to the host but to the left of the message it says host is off line and will respond when back online

Nope. It’s about the messaging.

Nope that’s not what I’m looking for.

I would assume this is automatic, just like it is in Skype/Teams/FaceBook/etc., so that when you have no devices actively connected to Airbnb, it shows offline, but I can see where it would be useful to allow it to show offline at specific times of the day or to just be able to manually set it to offline or “offline for the next 2 hours” or something like that.

You might be correct. I asked the host and he doesn’t remember ever setting up anything. He thinks it’s automatic when he signs out. I almost never sign out of my app on my phone but now I will.

Any yes, it would be really helpful to have a set time that we could set.

Does the host have professional host tools turned on or use and Airbnb management service that offers this option @Lynick4442

He doesn’t know how it works. I decided to stop bothering him since I’m staying their this weekend. but I do think that’s a possibility.