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How to set two different bed type?

Hello experts,

I am a new host here planning to host the whole apartment unit, it has 1 bedroom with 1 bed that fits 2 and in the living room there is a sofa bed that fits another 2.

So, in total I have 1 real bed and 1 sofa bed, together fits 4 people.

However, when I select 1 bed, the bed type option pops up, but when I select two beds, no bed type options available. That means I cannot properly setup the beds.

Is there anyone that knows the trick?

Here is the screenshot of my setup page.

Thank you for your time!

If I remember right you set up the bedrooms and the beds and then you edit the bed details.

how come bed detail section never show up in my page, so weird.

Huh. Play around, come back to it later. I don’t want to mess mine up with playing with it, but I remember it was a pain and I had to do it on my computer and not on the app.

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