How to select the dates on a split travel?

I’m planning a trip which will have 2 parts and i’m not su`re about how to choose the AIrBnb Dates.
First leg is from 5/3-5/8 (Wednesday in this case)
and then i move to another city on the same day )
so when i choose my dates to leave one place and check in to another,
it look like i’m going to pay twice on the 5/8
does it make sense?
should i count the day or the nights?

3rd may until 8th is 5 nights which means you are checking out on the 8th in the morning. For the 2nd leg you choose 8th until your other date. You’re not paying twice for one day. Checkin will be on the 8th usually afternoon.

You count nights

Thank you. Now it’s clear.
i was counting days and not nights.

No problem. Safe travels