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How to review difficult guests, HELP!

My house is in a very urban area, with that comes residual noise from bars, restaurants etc… But of course the benefit is you can walk everywhere! I clearly state this in my profile, but have been contacting people directly just in case they don’t read the find print. SO, I had a young woman book my place a few months ago, and about a week ago she contacted be about the noise factor. I told her that I would be happy to provide white noise machines for the rooms, as well as ear plugs, but if she was uncomfortable with her (and her elderly parents) staying in a place with noise, then I would be happy to cancel her reservation. (A week prior to her stay) I don’t hear back from her until the day before her reservation, and she asks if she can cancel. I told her that I could refund her half of her money back, but that I had done some searching and there wasn’t anything available, unless she wanted to spend way more. She declined. She then contacts me the evening of her first night, and asks if I can refund her for one of the three nights because she didn’t realize her parents were leaving a day early… I told her it was too late for a refund, but that I would be happy to give her a free nights stay in the future. (she declined) Right after this interaction, I get a message from her father, complaining about the noise… asking me to talk to my neighbors. (which in his defense they were playing electric guitar at 10:30PM on a Friday night) I immediately called my neighbors and they stopped. But I am wondering how to approach reviewing these guests… They are clearly very difficult and it was not a good fit for the environment, but I am still hesitant to give them a bad review. HELP!

We once had someone post with the urban noise problem, and we urged them to turn this into a positive.

Lively environment, so you will hear the sounds of music, bars, cafes and other nightspots, especially on the weekend. Our place is a fit with those who would love a hip, urban environment so typical of (name of place) come enjoy the local flavor!

Soemthing like that… You get the idea.

Put that in your listing and forget the ear plugs and noise machines. If they can’t cope they shouldn’t have booked.

For your review though I’d write something along the lines of…

GUests weren’t a fit for our place. Even though our lively urban location with its nightclub and music noise is fully disclosed, this guest began complaining about noise immediately upon arrival and was not open to any of the solutions we tried to offer. She only wanted a refund, not only because of the urban noise but also because her plans changed. Cannot recommend these difficult guests.


I reviewed my guests from last weekend and said they trashed my place and were nasty guests and to not rent to them as a warning and then hit 1 stars all the way and sent. A review can’t be worse than I wrote. Think ABB will allow it to show up?

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I hope so :slight_smile:


Yeah but I just remembered in the review I wrote that there were used condoms strewn whereever. I hope that wasn’t over the top. I want this review posted.

Thank you! This is very helpful! How much inquiring you do prior to booking a guest? I mean, as far as asking about an issue such as this?

Just make sure that your location is a fit for them! Fuddy duddies need not apply. :smile:

Seriously… Market the negative into a positive. It’s all about branding my dear. :slight_smile:

Thank you! I really appreciate it! :slight_smile:

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