How to resolve a mistake by a guest in a review

I have a guest that left me 4 stars. however every category she left 5 stars and the written review was glowing. While this isn’t dragging me down or anything, I’d love to have 100% 5 star reviews and this is preventing that (leaving my rating at a 4.9 vs a 5.0).

Is there a way to work with AirBnb and the guest to get this changed to a 5 star overall?

No. They won’t change reviews unless you can prove there was some kind of blatant lie or abusive content.

No. If Airbnb took their time to correct every mistake on stars they would have to raise their fees and hire hundreds of more CS people.

I had a guest leave all 5 in categories, a glowing public review and a 1 overall. I contacted the guest and asked if they would contact Airbnb about it. FYI, she had already booked a return night she liked the place so well. She reported back to me that Airbnb said they couldn’t change it. True or not I just sucked it up. She did make sure to write a second over the top great review and made sure to leave 5 stars the second time.

You probably need to start by messaging the guest and asking if the 4 stars was a mistake. Once they acknowledge that you could try contacting airbnb to have them change it. Some guests have crazy thought processes, perhaps he/she intended to leave 4 stars.

It might be that all the categories asked about were indeed 5* but overall there was some other factor not included in these categories that you were marked down on. Just as an example, my wife has just stayed in a place where all the categories were worthy of 5* but the host was really very inhospitable and unfriendly - and of course hospitality is not included as a separate marking category. My wife felt that because of this the overall mark was 4*.


That’s a really good point @southendbootboy. I’ve never thought about it before but it’s actually surprising that ‘Hospitality’ has never been a rated category. Particularly because so much of the marketing was focused on this aspect, ‘live like a local’ etc etc. Sorry to hear that your wife had an unfriendly host :frowning:

I still maintain that it is not the fault of the guest for “not understanding how Airbnb reviews work”, it is the fault of Airbnb itself for having such a ridiculous system that 4* is deemed unacceptable.

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I had 5 stars overall, and guest gave me a 4 because I require a signed contract.
he found that inconvenient and unnecessary.
As I have mentioned I have whole houses, and I control them very tightly. That means a contract to enter. It is on the listing, and it is stated that it will be personalized to be signed.
Every group. This was a very large group too…Grandparents, Parents, and grandkids, and staying for 8 nights.
He felt put upon, and inconvenienced. I shouldve seen the warning flags and not allowed the booking.