How to raise in the search results all my Property?

Hi there!

How to raise in the search results all my Property?
Raises whether in search popularity of housing all of my Property?

Share your experiences please.

Hi Alex,

There are a lot of topics here talking about searches. Try a search of this site to see what you can come up with. But one thing to remember is that (the last time I looked) the Airbnb ‘about us’ page said that they have over two million listings. And I imagine that’s out of date because new people are added every day.

Therefore, it’s never going to be possible for any of us to be top in the search results pages unless guests are searching with pretty tight parameters.

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Smart pricing is a good start, when things go bad and bookings low it’s a very good solution to boost you up.
Smart pricing will help you get more bookings so reviews (the number of reviews and wishlist likes help much.).
Most of times one booking brings others and you regain confidence the hard low seasons months.
Once the motor is on again turn it off (as it lowers much prices) and start raising prices (still try to keep bookings/reviews coming as they guarantee you a better positioning)

I see, ok will try it. In Bali where i selling villas very disappointing situation now. Some Local owners drop down prices one year ago due of volcano eruption on another Island, But now all ok, but people still thinking maybe that it can repeat i don’t know.

All the little tricks - updating your calendar or your listing - will make the Airbnb algorithm believe that you are an active host. But the best way to prove that you are active is to have constant bookings. Use social media to promote your listing - don’t rely on Airbnb to do so.