How to prevent guests from booking me in the future?

OK, so they are grad students. They are somewhat nice, clean after themselves, polite but loud, booked me for 5 days, doing homework most of the time to the point I wonder why they came here, doing extensive and elaborate cooking and laundry that makes me wonder where they stayed before if they have so much laundry, but they are young and fried bacon and dumped the drippings in the kitchen sink (!!!) and then destroyed my All Clad non stick pan by scraping it with a fork. They didn’t know any better, they are sorry. OK, i’ll give them an ok review, but yet I don’t want them to ever book me again. How do I do that?

You have to block them. In the chat window, click the report button. The only way to do it is to report them for abusive behavior, describe what happened and then click “Block” on the next screen.

I’m continually amazed at stuff like this. Apparently 90% of people in the world have no idea how to use a frying pan because this happens every time.

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Please, put your expensive non-stick pans away!! @Mexican is right - it seems like nobody on vacation or away from home can remember that metal and non-stick don’t play nice together. Buy the non-stick pans that cost about $20US each from a place like Costco and put those in, and just budget to replace them every 4-6 months.


Just before I listed my home, I bought all silicone utensils and got rid of all the other utensils. I still get scratches in the non-stick pans, so people are obviously using forks or knives. Luckily, I didn’t buy new pans for the listing. I bought new pans for me and put my old pans at the listing. Before I started renting, my family and friends stayed there, and they scratched the pans, too, so putting good pans in the listing was never an option.

I purchased pots and pans called something stoneware. They have a slightly gritty surface that are said to be non stick. Its black with speckles. Eggs don’t go slithering off them but knives etc are fine.

thanks for the suggestions. The pb is this is my house that I live in and I use all clad for myself. I never had people who cooked so extensively and such elaborate meals. for the other house, i had people destroying non stick like very often, but they were cheap. I’ll just do as you said for the other house, justMandi, I know those, they are good.
For the house i live in I think I’ll change the listing description to make the kitchen unavailable for cooking. Making coffee, tea and using the microwave would be acceptable but not cooking.
i’ll have to see where the block button is. Im not seeing it :frowning: