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How to place discounts on small groups



Hello! Im a host with a house for 4 people max capacity. Besides on airbnb I also use booking and they have a very useful tool. Depending on how many want to rent the house the price diferenciates. For example, I can set a discount of 10% if they are 2 or 20% if its only 1 person.
I would like to know if there is a way of doing that in airbnb.


AirBNB goes the other way. You set your price for X number of people, and then charge N number of dollars for any no of guests above X.


Yes, set your rate for 1 person and have an add on for additional guests. Although, in my opinion you should set your base at 2 people. You will leave money on the table otherwise for single bookings and likely have to deal with people booking the wrong guest count to save money.


Just my opinion, but I don’t give discounts. When’s the last time a Marriott gave you a discount for staying 5 days instead of 4?


I don’t know about Marriot but I get offers every year from Affinia hotels in New York.

Thing is, we aren’t hotels and shouldn’t be compared to hotels, or so people are always saying.


Totally disagree. To me a single person is less hassle, less wear and tear and costs less. I think it would be unjust if the price for one person wouldn’t reflect this. The price difference between 1 or 2 people is a difficult one: My ideal would be 1 person 75% of the price for 2 persons.


how do I do that? thx for the help


So I need to set my house to 1 person? that doesnt sound right


Set it to accept however many people you want to accomodate. Then set the rate as being xx for one person, then add a fee for each additional person.


Agree likely less wear / tear, but they are using the same place. I’m not going to price under market to snag single occupancy.


This really depends on the market and each listing. No way I can make everyone pay for two people. I’m already one of the highest priced listings for what I offer and I get a lot of singles. In a listing where you get a lot of couples it makes sense to price for two. In high priced listings you don’t have to worry about it. I was in a place that was $750 a night. It didn’t matter if there were two of you or at the limit which was 14.

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