How to make my listing name attractive and different

Currently using my Rabbit’s and Dog’s names M&M Comfortable and Cozy Lower Level.

I like to change it to MAROONDUCK B&B Lower Level
What do you all think?
Any other suggestions are very much welcome.

you might get people expecting to see a Maroon Duck so maybe stencil one on the door :japanese_goblin:


I wouldn’t use “B & B” unless you actually do serve a real breakfast (not just bagels and jam).

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Without seeing the listing I don’t know. What are you using it for, branding in the rental? Airbnb listing title? Your own website?

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I am providing eggs, muffin (big size) for each guests, juice, coffee, tea, and fruits before their arrival. No cooking on my side.
Would you call it breakfast provided?

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Very pretty and obviously immaculate!

BTW, you have this repeated sentence appearing in The Space and also Guest Access: “Guests have access to lower level apartment and guest’s private backyard.”

As far as your listing name, to tell you the truth, I don’t get the connotation of either Maroonduck or the M&M monikers. I guess I was looking at it from a literal aspect because I expected to see splashes of maroon color accents (like pillows or art) or a duck-y theme. (I even thought of M&M candies, though you noted they were your pets’ names.)

Sooo…dunno 'bout that.


Yep that’s breakfast provided as long as it’s clear it’s not a full English or anything. I don’t get the name. I think the name should emphasise the facilities or local area.

I call that a “Continental Breakfast” or “Light Breakfast” which covers a multitude of breakfasts from toast and coffee to your more elaborate spread. I guess “real” breakfast includes cooked meats and omelettes or pancakes. And things like potato cakes and “biscuits” that only Americans have. Don’t let @KenH put you off calling it breakfast as long as you are clear what is provided. Most of us have no chance of reaching his standard for a standard brekkie for guests by the pool.


nice quirky tribute names, but not really much to do with your Airbnb/B&B

B & B (Bed and Breakfast) implies to many people that a prepared breakfast is provided (not cereal and milk and pastry).

“Breakfast provided”, implies (to me at least) that you are cooking the breakfast (which is what I do).

I would say something like “DIY breakfast items provided.” or just “Eggs, muffins, juice, coffee, tea, and fruit provided.”

Thank you. The explanation of the repeat is that I cut down so much of unnecessary words since most guests don’t read the listing anyway, only the important ones that’s left.
I will change that and maybe it will be the shortest listing ever hehehe…

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Airbnb is currently taking the Breakfast provided and highlighting it as an amenity on listings saying something like “only 15% of listings offer this.” They are NOT distinguishing between a fully cooked breakfast and DIY breakfast items, FWIW.

@Ana2 I chose to leave my cute listing name out and use every single character in the listing title to tell the guest something about my listing. I get lots of road trippers who aren’t reading everything, they just want to find a place fast. You have more of a vacation rental so having a “name” for it makes more sense. But simply changing it to Maroonduck B&B doesn’t make any sense and may even put people off? When I’m looking for an Airbnb I don’t want to stay in a traditional Airbnb which implies several rooms with other guests staying. I also don’t care to overpay for a breakfast that isn’t worth the upcharge. If I am looking for a traditional bed and breakfast I search for that on google, not on airbnb.

Like most here, I don’t get any of the names either. More suited to the listing would be something like “The Mole’s Bunker B&B”: No natural light in the main bedroom and almost no natural light in the living room :face_with_raised_eyebrow:? The spaces look great and the decor is okay, but personally I wouldn’t like to spend time in such an enclosed space, but maybe that’s just me. You do have wonderful reviews, the perfect star rating, and your calendar seems to be filling up nicely, so definitely other people have other tastes. Then again, a few extra windows could make everything even better and make your listing more attractive to a larger group of people. (I am aware that economics and technical issues could get in the way of that idea.)

On the breakfast, a breakfast is to break the fastening: This can perfectly done with all that you’re providing and should IMO definitely not include anything cooked. Breakfast is something different for everyone anyway: What some consider breakfast, I consider lunch or diner :grin:.

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I second this! I remember someone posting here in their self righteous way about the necessity of a good breakfast before one sets out for the day. They proudly bragged about the packets of instant oatmeal they provide. Gag. That stuff is gross. It’s okay if you’re backpacking or literally have nothing else in the home to eat.

@Ana2: Here are some additional suggested changes to your listing:

  • All dishes are to be wash[ed] before checking out.

  • We reserved [reserve] the right to evict any disruptive guests [without refund], or anyone who [is] disobeying the house rules. (It would be more affirmative to say, “We will evict…” rather than “reserve the right to evict…”)

  • Perhaps remove this statement: “It’s your Home away from Home.” (It’s subjective and should be coming from the guest.)

  • “Feel free to reach out!” <(“reach out”…ugh!)

Suggested titles:

  • Cozy 2br In-Law Suite with Wi-Fi & A/C
  • Ana’s Place ~ Cozy 2br with Wi -Fi & A/C

Thank you for taking the time to write Sandy.
I have changed the house rules that you suggested. Appreciate that.

I am thinking of using my name instead of my rabbit’s name.
Not really keen on wifi and AC (sorry) since my thinking that most airbnb provided them.

So, Ana’s Place ~ Cozy Lower Level 2 BR ???
I think I need to put Lower Level so that guest know they get basement apartment.

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I brought up the subject about how much to spend on breakfast per day months ago.
Cause I personally like to have (even) small meal before I get out of the hotel/motel due to lower blood pressure thing.

I bought things that I would eat or my family would eat.
Fully stocked fridge (jam, cream cheese, salad dressings, butter, eggs, cheese, ketchup, mustard)
Although the orange juice and yogurt are provided when guests paying above $100/night

I bought mostly all from Costco and I don’t mind to spend and get little profit if guests are happy.

Thanks for the input.

When we first bought the house (1 year ago) moving from bigger city, we didn’t have plan to do airbnb. So nothing we can do about the natural lights. But we did tried and an architect (friend) said the same thing. Solid concrete house.
Nothing I can do about it now.

But what I can do is to provide the best hospitable place as much as I can.
Like super clean place (kneeling down, inch by inch cleaning…not necessary but I do that = clean freak) hence good reviews.

“Unwind in a cozy lower level apartment”

Would that be fine?

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