How to make a renter provide payment before accepting a reservation

I have a strict no cancellation policy. I also require a reservation request and do not allow instant book. Today is Thursday and this morning I received a request to book for tomorrow night and Saturday night. I accepted the reservation request and then I saw that I am now awaiting payment information to process the reservation. Five hours later, they cancel. I am frustrated that they blocked my calender and prevented others from booking during this time, especially since I am wanting tomorrow to be booked. Is there any way to require a reservation request to submit payment information before I accept the request?

on the airbnb platform no. They get right inbetween you and the guest, even though they claim to have nothing todo with rental agreement, I have also had enough of airbnb pandering to guests and leaving hosts high and dry.

Have a look at Houfy, that way you take the booking direct and no fees…there are some excellent articles by cabinhost that step you through it.

Hope this helps

I’ve seen that complaint posted a few times. It seems to be a generic problem with Airbnb’s system. I suspect some guests are using it as a way to get a 24-hour free cancellation window on short-notice bookings which would otherwise not be available.


What percentage of your bookings come through Houfy @hosterposter?

The issue with the platform is that it doesn’t invest in any marketing, doesn’t have much traction outside of the US and even there doesn’t fill many nights.

I’m all for direct bookings I’m just not sure Houfy’s lack of marketing approach makes it a great channel.

Here in the UK hosts who do direct bookings say having a FB page which they invest in driving traffic to is a great source of bookings.

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none I’ve not signed up just found out about it.

Yes i hadnt heard of it before.

It seems like a good idea and could gain traction, I like the idea of putting control in the hands of the hosts as it should be airbnb should be a platform not act like GOD in the transaction.

Also some competition would keep airbnb in check and competitive.

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Gain traction from listing on Houfy? You still have to get guests to that web site.
Competition for Airbnb? Nope. Air has people calling STR’s " Airbnb’s".
I suggest doing some research on the most effective ways to market your STR. In my humble opinion, after years of looking for a site that gives me industry knowledge, I found a site that gives me “everything and more” regarding managing your rental(s). Check it out:

  • No offense meant toward the moderators on this site who are tops in Airbnb know-how (plus more!)