How to improve my listing ranking for a specific date

I am kind of new and I am still learning how to succeed in this business. I am very concerned with my listing for the last two weeks. Since I joined Air I have been following all the tips to be in a good place. I was doing fine until I got 3 different inquires in the late August for the same nights Feb 1- Feb 4. This is one of the highest peak for us. My house is in Scottsdale, AZ and this is the GOLF week. People from all US want to be here for that event. It is the best time to get longer reservations. Must of the regular guests want to reserve the whole week. In VRBO, I am able to set a minimum of 5 nights for that week. In Air I can not do that. Or at least I do not know how to do it. Because we are far away from that week, I decided for the first time to decline all the three inquieres. I know most of the people will reserve at the end of the year, and for longer time. So I decided to pass on these short term reservations and wait a little bit longer to have a more solid booking.
Now when I try to do the exercise searching in Scottsdale and trying to use filters that I know I have in my listing, including the dates Feb 1- Feb 4 or Feb 1- Feb 8, entire house, pool, golf, etc 4 people, 6 people, etc My listing is not showing on the list or the map. I have been checking in all the pages for that criteria and nothing. My house is available, the calendar is updated. I do not understand. **But If i modified my search to Feb 5- Feb 9 for example, I can see my house second on the list. I called Air and they say maybe the description, maybe the search parameters bla bla bla. I think they are punishing me because I declined 3 in a row. At the end my house is not showing for the best season. Any suggestions? What can I do? Or you guys just accept every inquire even if you know you can do much better easily. I appreciate any help. Thanks!

You can go into your calendar and set the minimum for that period of time. Here’s a screen shot:


Maggieroni Thanks for your help, but I am lost. Before the screen shot to edit dates where are you located. Directly on the inquiere? I do not see the same things in my computer. I am sorry.

Go to calendar, availability settings and scroll down you will see trip length, click on edit, under edit a requirement click on during and you can put in specific dates, you’ve got to dig a bit … or call Airbnb lol!
Another screen shot

Maggieroni MANY THANKS you are the best. I did it! I guess I will be around this forum receiving great help. Have a good one!

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Glad to help! Hope you get a longer booking!

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