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How to handel this situation

There are some guests, they come in a group. One person booked the room for 4. But he oder she just doesn’t want to read the listing and then book the room. Or maybe she or he thinks it is ok for her. But when they arrive, other people don’t like the room and begin to blame (like too small, not like a hotel, ect.)and then 4 of them run away after they used the wc…

What foreign language is that?

Addendum: After Ken’s help got the picture. Yes, no refund.

I don’t think there’s anything for you to handle - someone booked your room, they didn’t like it, and left. Take the money and wish them well.

Let us know what happens -

“wc” - water closet, or toilet.

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KIKI – your post is not particularly understandable. Perhaps because you are angry and your English writing skills slip. Let’s see if I can help.

Someone booked your place for 4 people to stay. When everyone arrives they don’t like the room, for several reasons, and blame the person who booked with you. Then several of them used the WC and seemingly disappeared.

Don’t worry. If they come back, make each one of them read the listing and your house rules, and sign a paper stating that they have read and understood what they are renting and what they expected to do and not do. Then, and only then, let them into your place. If they ask for a refund, Refuse. Then call Air and explain exactly what has gone on. It is not your fault if some of the guests do not approve of the place one of them booked – they need to take that up with her; not you. You have done nothing wrong and should not be penalized because the group did not agre before the booking was made.

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