How to get the smoke smell out

Guest smoked in the room! Guests coming tomorrow- panic! I have 9 hours before the next guest (have to go to work early). What do you suggest for the smell ? I Febreezed it to death and used bathroom cleaner on all the tile floors. The windows are open. It still smells!

Ozium is your best bet and most easily accessed right now. Headshops have it and are open late. Don’t breathe it in.

Also an air purifier. Maybe a friend or someone on Nextdoor will lend you one if nowhere is open to buy one, otherwise, go buy one.


I guess I am just venting - came home froM work and have to turnover for guests arriving tomorrow and it’s late!

I mean I need a solution right now. It’s 9:30 pm and I have to leave at 6:00 am tomorrow am so am looking for an immediate solution, if anyone has suggestions.

Where are you in the world? What country?

White vinegar will help a lot! Bowls of white vinegar with lemon slices will help absorb the odor. Launder what you can (drapes, pillow covers, etc). Wipe surfaces, including floors and walls with vinegar. Change the lightbulbs out, or clean them very well - cigarette smoke sticks to lightbulbs and smells when they get turned on and get warm.

If you are in the US, seriously, find a headshop or a Walgreens that is still open and go buy a can of Ozium, it is your best bet.


White vinegar, good idea! I am in the US in Florida? Guest also somehow broke the closet ceiling light fixture and there was glass everywhere. I have vacuumed, swept and mopped- afraid the next guest will step on glass,

Didn’t mean to say “In Florida?”

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If you’re in Florida, you can go get some Ozium. It really really works. It’s far superior to Febreeze and doesn’t leave a perfume scent. It is dangerous to breathe it in so make sure to read the label. You have time for multiple treatments. I’m in New England and find it easily at Walgreens and, traditionally, headshops sell it - both should be open right now.



I actually have an ozone machine. I assume this works on the same principles?

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I believe so. An ozone machine would be even better but this is great in a pinch.

Guys I found the Oxium at a 24 hour store. I tried not to breathe it! I will check on the room later. Plus mop (Cuban mop with a rag, not a string mop) to get all the broken glass.


Oh right and I have to go clean the light bulbs. No time to wash the drapes, thank you all!

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Update: the Ozium is really working. Highly recommended. One more pass for glass fragments tomorrow (maybe 2). Thanks for the support!


thank you for the info! I’ll go buy some just in case!

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I went into the room at 6:00 am and it still smelled like cigarettes and I found more little bits of glass. I swept and mopped 3 times and sprayed again. A friend will go by and do it all again on lunch. So yes, it helps but probably takes several applications, as was suggested!

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