How to get Superhost designation 2022

Airbnb is extending autogranting for current Superhosts through January 2022.
To acknowledge the ongoing uncertainties in the travel industry caused by COVID-19, Airbnb has announced that any current Superhosts will keep their status through January as long as they uphold at least a 90% response rate and 4.8 overall rating.


Aren’t those just the usual, regular requirements for Superhost status? Seems like a distinction without a difference.

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The number of stays/nights requirement is missing to make up for the decline in business; also the <1 percent cancellation rate requirement is missing since we see more due to Covid.


I don’t think you read the article. The difference is very clearly stated as @aelilya said:

The article is worth reading as there is some other very important information about the criteria for future Superhost assessments and the Superhost reward vouchers.


The regular requirements also include hosting a certain number of stays as well as having a very low cancelation rate (less than 1%).

Because of Covid, you won’t lose Superhost if guests don’t come to stay with you or if you have to cancel a guest (which is happening at an unusual rate because of Covid).