How to get an automatic alert if a party is happening in your listing?


We are a small property management company operating out of beautiful Taiwan. We do rentals on mid-term contracts (1-10 months) to a fairly young crowd of professionals and exchange students. We rent both out of Airbnb and our own website.

Taiwan is unfortunately very conservative when it comes to noise complaints, and it is proving a big headache for us to have tenants throwing a rager until 5 AM. With 36 rooms in our portfolio, it is also getting difficult for us to check on every house every potential party night.

I am aware of Partysquasher as a solution for this, but it would mean for us to also have to install cameras on our terraces and staircase on top of this relatively expensive equipment in order to enforce our contracts.

We are instead looking for a surveillance camera that has either an alert when it sees a large number of people or an alert when the noise goes over a certain average limit. I am aware of the noise alerts from the Wyse camera, but apparently, the sensitivity slider is far too limited for this to be useful anywhere outdoor.

Any suggestions?


Well, I suppose the first one that comes to mind (and it’s not terribly helpful) is to adjust your portfolio size to one that is manageable for you, given the local issues you highlighted.

The majority of folks on here who host remotely have invested in the relevant technology to be able to host remotely safely and efficiently - and many would say that cameras etc are essential. From what I can see, Partysquasher looks to be about $149, not expensive at all if it works.



With surveillance camera’s you can get ones that alert you when there is movement but won’t tell you how many people are going in and out, you will need to monitor that yourselves.

As you operate in a conservative area, what sort of checks do you put in place when vetting your guests, and what house rules do you have in place to cover noise and the fact your guests shouldn’t have additional guests in your properties.

What I am suggesting is that a mixture of both vetting your guests, house rules and CCTV are essential tools for you to help ensure your guests aren’t disturbing your neighbours.

When you check guests in remind them of your quiet time rules and that any guests partying or bringing in additional guests will be asked to leave.

There is a device called the Point from Minut ( ). Among other things, it monitors sound levels and will send you an alarm if it exceeds a set level. It does not have a camera.

It’s relatively inexpensive at $150 US each or two for $229 US.