How to find good host in Estepona

Hope we are in the right place :blush: We are looking for a good host for our house in Estepona.

Most area have a local host FB or Meet Up group you could try asking there.

Make sure you check out a hosts listings, reviews and rating

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It would help if your told people which country you are in. I know, but not everyone does.

Estepona is a resort town on the Costa del Sol in southern Spain. [stolen from a wiki.]

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Do you mean that you are looking for someone to manage your house on Airbnb? If so, I would recommend that you find someone who is very experienced in renting to Airbnb guests, rather than a property management company.

Renting at Airbnb guests is not even remotely like renting via other methods. Whoever you choose, they must know the Airbnb standards and how Airbnb works.

I would want to see proven reviews that mention the host by name.

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Isn’t that the truth?

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This is the sort of business where one stray pubic hair in the bath can effectively close you down :slight_smile:

As most people here know, I ran a traditional B & B in the 1980s and have ‘hosted’ in one form or another ever since. But Airbnb is a completely different beast!

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:: shudder ::

I hate hair!

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What I’ve never understood is that little shelf-like thing behind the loo seat and lid hinges. They are invariably pube-ridden. Clean them off and then clean the loo, shut the seat and lid and the little buggers are back!

They make babies that hatch when the lid is moved. Just like barn flies living behind the walls until the temperature is just right!

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Thanks for your answers. We dont want p***c hair in our house :mask: :wink:

@smtucker your cleaners are the ones who get a giggle out of sending you crude photos of what guests leave behind, right??? I got one of those photos today, I almost puked.

@azreala. No. I clean the rooms… generally. And the rooms are in my house. And, so far, nothing wildly disgusting to report.

I think it is @SandyToes who has the cleaners with a camera.

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Nope…not me.

The only photo I ever received from my cleaner of 7 yrs. was of a water leak from an upper unit.

Do you guys know how much money the host takes for the job and what does airbnb cost?

I hate hair is my mantra!!! It’s the first thing I tell any new cleaner. NO HAIR!!! No matter who cleans, me or a pro cleaner, my husband and I always do another check to make sure there is no hair anywhere!!!

I wonder who it is!! I thought it was someone in Colorado! Sorry to confuse you with the mystery person!

It’s a bit too far along the Costa for me … but I do have a contact for someone in Marbella if I can find her card …

I take it you’ve got your Licencia para Viviendas Turisticas from the Junta de Andalucia?