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How to Embed Cues to Hosts in our Guest Reviews

I’ve had guests who, based on the Air’s star system, I really cannot fault, but there were things about them I want Air hosts to know without mentioning it in the guest’s online review.

For example, I had lovely guests trying to help by sweeping our back terrace. Tile was a bad choice. It has to be dry when you sweep it or it basically becomes a surface of embedded crust. It was black when they left and it took me 3 hours to pressure wash their “help.”

So in my review I said, “… they even cleaned areas of the house they weren’t responsible for,” thinking that would cue in other hosts. I don’t think the wording ultimately did that.

Would love a collection of examples on how to cue each other about stuff that bugs us - not necessarily to decline a guest over, but just so that I am less surprised when otherwise awesome guests arrive and do something that miffs me.

Please share!
Pura vida,

Sorry to say that I don’t think these guests did anything wrong. It’s not an unreasonable assumption that it would be safe to sweep a wet terrace without doing harm. Sounds like some posted signs would be a good idea if you want to reduce the risk harm to your terrace by extra-clean guests.

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That was an example of one issue, trying to think of an example for the Forum. It wasn’t a plea for an opinion it.

If you have something to share regarding the original question, I’m sure myself and newer Air member would love to hear it.

I am not sure that there is a hidden code that all hosts would understand. Clear language is difficult enough on a global platform. Codes seem almost impossible.


Not the answer you’re hoping for here but anyway…
I agree with @smtucker. Take away tone of voice, eye contact, body language and non English speakers I think it would be very difficult to decipher some hidden code/message in a review.
Here’s an example of a review than may or may not have had a hidden messagae in it:

“Nice couple, loved the local Italian restaurant, were very tired and slept in late, guess the bed was very comfortable. Washed two loads of clothes and headed up north. Great chatting with them, I would recommend them to any host of Airbnb.”

Now, would you see the sleeping in and washing 2 loads of laundry as positive/negative/neutral comment?..

I see it as neutral, but if your looking for clues you may see otherwise.
Direct and clear reviews for me please.

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Actually, as an earlier riser with a lot to do I read it as “I couldn’t get my stuff done because they slept all day and left a lot of laundry to do.”

Was that your subtle clue?

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aahh, It’s not my review, I just came across it.
Interesting how we see things differently hey?

@Australia - it sure is interesting. Thanks for responding :slight_smile:

What a great example of a review. For me, knowing that these guests sometimes sleep late would be enough for me to reject them since I only accept early risers. Also, think the host clearly communicated that they stayed one night and did 2 loads of laundry. That would annoy some hosts (not me since most guests don’t do laundry at all) so it’s good info to convey. I love the casual tone of the review so the host doesn’t sound annoyed but is still relaying relevant info to orher hosts.


@chicagohost - thanks, this was exactly the type of sharing of info I was looking for when I posted the topic.

I realize Forum users are from all over the world, perhaps I should have specified North American Hosts and Hosts operating abroad who are North American.

I agree culture and language will greatly affect the wording of reviews, so I pay particular attention to those from Hosts whose verbiage I can read into.

J :slight_smile:

I’m not a big believer in using code language or embedding cues in a review. In evaluating potential guests, I appreciated those hosts who told it to me straight. “She left a mess, partied and smoked.” Or “he did not respect the check out time and demanded extras.” I know some hosts are fond of using cues but honestly, if someone tried to warn me about guests sleeping late I wouldn’t get it.


Oh my. This is not a good way to start out on our forum and completely unnecessary. Name calling is not allowed.


I saw a review of a guest which said, “Jane really enjoyed our place. She was so cheerful and high energy. We could hear her singing and dancing all the time.”

That could go either way, depending on the type of rental (whole house vs. room) and personality of the host.


I agree that all cues can be misunderstood.

It’s impossible for me to think that cleaning things, even if in areas they are not responsible for, would be a negative. A review saying someone did two loads of laundry during a one night rental might impact me negatively and I would take it as negative, not neutral, from the host.

I think the best strategy is to review honestly and professionally.

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But I think that one review was being both honest and professional. Her observation was that the guests slept late which could be irrelevant, negative, and even positive depending on the host. Guests who do laundry don’t bother me as no one has abused it but this would be a great way to include that info for other hosts who might be annoyed.

I don’t think that host is trying to be sneaky or code - she’s just pretty descriptive and keeps a casual and dispassionate tone which I like.

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@konacoconutz, @jackulas

Holy smokes I’m sorry - typo. I was multi-tasking and typing in 3 windows.

@jackulas - My sincerest apologies.

I’m going to take some time away from the Forum - I clearly need to be here when I am less busy and can edit my own text properly.

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Well I got a laugh out of it!
Never noticed the typo then when it was pointed out I thought @konacoconutz was joking about it anyway.
Mind you I’ve just walked in at 10pm after cleaning the rental for 5 hrs (it was a big clean after a 12 day stay and they left a nice red that I finished off) so anything is funny at this point. :wine_glass:


I usually give really great reviews since most of my guess are great the few bad guest I make sure not to include “would welcome them back” and definitely would not include the verbiage of “would recommend.”

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Do you use the Down Thumb?

No worries, Perezo. Happens to all of us. My brutal honesty can be a bit much for some to take, so call me whatever you want. It’s all good. :slight_smile:

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