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How to craft the perfect welcome email as an Airbnb host



I have 3 listings in Santa Monica and have been doing this for 3 years and Guest not reading is the most annoying worst part of being a host in my opinion. I actually find it a little odd how little they will read.

When i haven’t heard back from them I message them again and politely ask them to answer the questions i asked so i can release their entry codes…that normally does the trick! LOL.

very very occasionally i have even text them to please go on to Airbnb because i have messaged them and not heard back…But i never communicate anything else outside of the airbnb platform.

Other issue is occasionally some people are not tech savvy enough to be booking online


Absolutely agree with you…18-24 hours after checkin i always message over airbnb to checkin with guests and see if they have any questions.


I am writing my welcome message now and this thread is so helpful.
If you try to get here with GPS you will get lost. That is a fact.
So there are some places big brother does not know of and I’m not sure if its a pain or a blessing. “no one will find you” is our selling point!!


Google maps needs a cellular connection to work. In remote areas it will stop working without a cellular connection.


Hi Jason,
Though we are very close to metro Chatsworth Los Angeles our neighborhood does not have a land phone line. So we run everything off of cell “lines”. Can’t get cable. Excellent cell reception. Not sure why Gps don’t work it might have something to do with the printed address not complying with what the net knows about our actual location.

I am going to ask the guests to meet me 1 mile away for 1st ride up here, or, alternatively they can get a text or call for complete directions.


This is my welcome message: Hi …,

Thanks for choosing to stay at …, please download the Airbnb app so that you receive your check in code.

The front door has a keyless digital door pad. Your personal pin code (complete with photos) will be available under “View check in instructions” via the app closer to your stay.

I strive to offer a 5 star experience, therefore please message me here so that I can assist immediately (rather than letting me know later in a review) if there is anything that makes your stay less than 5*.

For extra information about the villa choose the House Manual option.
My online guide book (you will find it in your itinerary and at the bottom of the listing page just above the map) contains personal recommendations of wineries, restaurants and things to do in our area.

Enjoy … and the complimentary bottle of sparking waiting for you in the fridge!

Wishing you a beautiful and relaxing stay.



That makes sense Gypsy. I believe Gps uses USPS style addresses which can differ in specific location to the home. I have be lost a few times do to this. Hope your plan works well for everyone.

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