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How to contact a host who no longer hosts?

If I were in your shoes, I’d send one more message asking her to clarify or cancel as it’s on her to cancel if she’s not going to book. Some folks don’t know that, which drives us all batty. Then let it expire.

But I’m an in-home host, so I request more communication from my guests. :-/

If this guest had never showed up, would this host have washed the bedding for the next guest? You know the answer is no.


Oh yes, definitely. The messages were… priceless… :scream:

It seems that you wrote this message on the forum around 10 am central time (the guest’s time zone), which means you wrote her s a message at 10 pm. Is it possible she had gone to bed before seeing your message and was still asleep?

Until reading this board, I was unaware guests were rated. Is it possible she had no idea she had a horrible review and has no idea how to look up what you are talking about?

Guests receive an email with their review, after it’s posted, just like hosts do. The reviews are on their profiles. I think most guests are aware of their reviews. There are other forums full of guests complaining about the review they got or that they didn’t get one at all.

Were you previously an Airbnb guest and didn’t realize you had reviews? I can only think that it was because you didn’t get notifications from the activity on your profile - e.g. you didn’t have it ticked to alert you by email or text.

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Possible but I responded within 20 minutes of her message and she STILL hasn’t responded.

It is possible but then why not respond?



Also possible but she’ll be much more embarrassed if I were to accept and she hadn’t event responded.

Nothing to add except that I am SO VERY glad that I use Instant Book. I take my hat off to you lot :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I, too, use Instant Book. However she doesn’t meet the “Recommended by other Hosts” criteria in order to be able to book instantly instead of requesting.

Yes still haven’t gotten a response so will likely call Airbnb and ask them to contact her and then if still no response to decline with no negative effects on me due to lack of guest response.

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@JJD, I’ve seen you post “20202020” at the ends of previous comments. What does that mean?

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Replies must be at least 20 characters long so when they aren’t we often add the 20s until we can get through the wicket.


Ah. Learned something today!

I just add …

I’m on computer and hold down the period button to add 20 characters

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Will AirBnb cancel requests due to lack of response? I’ve had to cancel several requests because of this situation, and I’ve never had luck getting AirBnB to do it penalty-free on the few occasions I’ve called.

Well when I called to have them contact her I discussed having them decline penalty free if she still didn’t respond. He basically just said he would note it in my account but then I lost signal so not sure what else we would have discussed or if it would have helped it be penalty free.

She ended up contacting me back. Not a super response. Thanked me for letting her explain. Explained pet hair was on all sheets and when she told host he said he would have to wait to buy new sheets at a later date so she left. She admitted that communication is difficult for her and that she is practicing. Never addressed whether she read listing or agreed to House Rules. Asked if she can take pics of my barn friends.

When I replied about the importance of communicating arrival time, needs and questions not that I needed to socialize with her and that there definitely would be animal hair throughout the house because it is a farm but I don’t allow my pets in the guest bedroom and I do vacuum and had actually just shampooed the carpets this weekend and finally asking again whether she had read the House Rules and agreed to follow them and did she foresee any issues with them as I did not want either of us to be unhappy, especially since it was for two weeks and she was paying a discounted rate, she finally replied decently.

I accepted and then saw her pic she looked to me like a young girl that may not always have the easiest time fitting in. I found her linked in profile and discovered that she was rather well educated but jobs were kind of all over the place and not always matched to education. Has 2 bachelors degrees and a masters in bioengineering but has worked selling cosmetics among other things. Anyways, I currently don’t have any jobs that technically match my education either (1 bachelors in systems engineering and 2 unrelated masters) so maybe we can share and she will feel better about it.

Separately, one of the things that I had also told her was that most of my pets were old and retired and not necessarily photogenic and that one was actually at the hospital and would be recovering while she is here. Sadly she passed this morning so although I am crushed, :sob: at least that is one less thing to deal with while she is here. At least the money from her stay will hopefully cover the cremation… :pray:

Really sorry to read this. My condolences.

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Thank you. :pray:. The first time I saw her was the day after she was born. The last day I saw her was the day before she died. I just wish I could have been holding her at the time. :sob: She was nearly 13 years old and declining but a fighter who’s heart just couldn’t take it any more. As a Doberman she was very much in her senior senior senior years. She was the first Doberman I had that was not part of our family lines (we bred them from 1985 to 1998). I also have several other very senior animals (2 27 year old horses, one with Cushing’s and struggled to keep on weight) that have been with me even longer and the one longer than ANY human being in my life (23 years). It is only going to get harder to say goodbye. And then, my boyfriend who is nearing his end as well…I guess that is why I am trying to make my newest kitten into a house cat instead of a barn cat…something young to hold onto as I go to sleep at night.

Sorry to babble on…I’m understandably hurting right now. At least the whole house is booked through 28December so fewer guest people to deal with.

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