How to cancel future guests due to water utility problem

We are having low water pressure due to a repair that must be done on the city side, and I have no idea when that’s going to be done.

I’ve worked it out with our current guests, but I’m not going to host further until it’s fixed. Does anyone have advice on the best way to handle cancelling guests for this kind of reason?

I’d like for it to not effect our host standing, of course, but I am also hoping Air will just take my word for it when the repair is complete…I think if it’s a house’s plumbing problem, hosts must show proof of work done and suitability for hosting again?

It seems that if it’s the utility provider who is doing repairs to the system, they would be able to not only give you an idea when it will be completed, but also offer documentation that you could provide to Air. Hopefully this would be an ES, & your host status wouldn’t be in jeopardy. But, this is Air we’re talking about… :wink:


Thanks! Yes, you’d think the utility provider would be able to give me an estimated time of repair…but did I mention I live in New Orleans? Our infrastructure is a mess and our water board is a mess etc etc :frowning:

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Is it an inconvenience, or a health issue (as in no running water)? If it’s just inconvenient (as in only one shower at a time), I’d contact the future guests and tell them the issue, allowing them to cancel for a full refund if they want or take a discount. If they take the discount, it is a bit risky as they might downgrade you for the issue in a rating - but you’d still have their money.
If it’s a health issue, when ABB should allow you to cancel for EC.


That’s a good distinction. I think it’s veering into a health issue as the toilet tank is not refilling always. Most of the time, but not always.

I’m hoping the water company will do the repair before my next ABB guest on Mar 5, but it’s Mardi Gras next week and not a lot happens from about this Thursday until after Ash Wednesday.

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Interested to know what you decide to do @Mabes. Personally, I’d tell the guest what’s up and offer the discount. It’s better than $0 and be upfront that you don’t want to risk your usual 5-star review so they should not take the discount and stay if this issue might cause them to downgrade you.

I strongly believe Air will allow you a penalty-free cancellation if you do it ASAP. If you have not already, I’d msg the current guest thanking them for being flexible and apologizing for the water pressure issue. Mention that you still have no word from the city on when it will be fixed. Now it’s in writing and CS won’t take the time to ask for more proof.