How to Calculate the Time to Review

I should have amended that. I’ve had a couple that have worked quite well. But if it takes more than 2 messages to get actual guest names, info, etc., then it’s a Just Say No situation.

I meant in the case of ONE NIGHT stay where she bent over backwards in 20 messages and still got blasted.

As an update:

Here is the review I left, about 20 seconds from the end of the 14-day review period. No review or even comments from the guest:

[Guest] didn’t check in or cancel her reservation. She didn’t read the listing and therefore didn’t know that our location wasn’t suitable for her. Communication was nearly impossible. She didn’t respond to messages through Airbnb, even when texted multiple times and asked her to do so. She refused to accept our house rules. Since she wasn’t here, we gave her the benefit of the doubt on Cleanliness. Because of the communication difficulties, we wouldn’t host her in the future.