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How to add another photo after requesting money


I have made a request for money from guests who stained the sofa but flipped over the cushion to hide it. Boo.

I just got the quote from the upholstery cleaners but I don’t see a way to add another photo to the request. Do I just have to wait until I escalate to Air? Does anyone know?

Thanks in advance!


I had the same problem. The guest didn’t respond. So I escalated to Air and added more pictures ( also showing when the professional cleaning was performed) . I was 100% reimbursed. Good luck to you!


Thank you @Mirta_Gubetta. I suspected I might not be able to add more photos until escalation.


You can’t add photos. However, you CAN email it to AB - that’s valid. I know this because AB told me to do so.


Tip* - if its not too late, make sure you don’t state the sofa is very old. I learned this the hard way in the same situation, Airbnb deducted their calculated depreciation value from my paid cleaning based on how old the sofa was. Now when I claim damage, I always put the item is a few months old, no more.

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