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How to accept a reservation if you declined it in error?


I am new to airbnb. Just starting with my first reservations. Am thrilled with this forum.
I have a perfectly good guest who submitted a request. I declined the request in error. (I didn’t see any mention of the damage/security deposit in the pricing section so thought I made a mistake - I realize now it is after the guest leaves when that comes into play)
I cleared my calendar for those dates and told the guest to please resubmit.
He did and it shows declined.
Can I reverse a decline??
Thank you in advance
Mary from Silver Star Mountain - Vernon British Columbia

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Declining a low-ball offer without damaging my acceptance rate

With that type of glitch it’s usually easier and quicker to call Airbnb.



I could not find a phone number on their site. Thank you so much will call pronto,…


Good luck and let us know how it works out. Congratulations on your first nibble - we hope it turns into a bite!


Thank you for the help
I called airbnb and was on hold for about half an hour - yay for speaker phone.
The staffer walked me through the steps required to undo the “denied” request.
I went into the message and sent a “special offer” Kept all the pricing the same and I am waiting to get a confirmation. It was the only way to resend the reservation request
So far I have 4 accommodation requests! Am thrilled to start hosting.

I know I will be coming back to this forum often.
Thanks again

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