How should I list my property?

I offer a full basement (own outside entrance) with 2 bedrooms and one full bath and living room with big screen TV. I haven’t listed the bedrooms separately because there is only one bathroom. It is between the two bedrooms so the bedrooms could be listed separately. What do you all think is the best way to maximize being rented? I know I’d have to lower the price but over all it could mean more money. Personally I don’t like to share bathrooms so have never considered listing them separately. What is your experience? Do people abhor sharing bathrooms? They would also share the living-room and patio area. The rooms are big. My guests always comment on how big the space is. I don’t depend on the income, I’m retired and enjoy hosting. I am also in an ideal location (outside Yellowstone Park) where everything fills up in the summer.

I’m interested in your opinion. It would mean twice as much work for me as I do everything myself, even cook breakfast for them. I’m out in the middle of nowhere and there are no cafe’s close by, that is the main reason I provide breakfast. I’m sure if I ever did list the bedrooms separately I’d go to a continental style breakfast. Each room would have microwave, fridge, and coffee maker.

Let me know what you think TIA.

OK, it all depends on the position of the bathroom. if it is literally between the 2 bedrooms meaning it has two doors communicating to the respective bedrooms is a bit iffy. In this case whoever is using the bathroom has to lock the other door. what if they forget and a total stranger come into the bathroom without knocking? especially in the middle of the night. In this case you’ll get a ton of bad reviews and you will lose money.

If on the other hand the bathroom has one door and one could enter only from the hallway yes, you can do it.

We list twice, once with one room and another with both bedrooms. We adjust price and occupancy accordingly for each. The “second” bedroom is locked in the first case. Saved some cleaning, hence a lower price on that fee also. Only drawback is watching your calendar. Syncing takes care of bookings, but you have to manually block both calendars for your own reasons.

sthoms has good advice on how to set up the listing for separate bedrooms and one 2-br unit.

Hosts with shared bathrooms sometimes have issues with one guest leaving it less than clean for the other booked party. It can end up dinging your cleanliness score. You’d need to consider whether you can check on things at least once a day or use other tricks so guests stay on top of it.

The only thing that I can think of is that it might be uncomfortable for somebody who is already there and you are checking in a new guest. And then of course you would be down there trying to do cleaning around one guest but before another one arrives. How do you make sure it stays clean and tidy?