How often does Airbnb update pricing in search results

I’ve been trying to following the below strategy to book gaps in my calendar.

  1. 1 week prior to the gap in the calendar date, drop the price for those dates by $5.
  2. Do the same each day until those dates are booked.

This has worked well a few times, however I noticed an anomaly today.

At 9am morning I dropped the price for some open dates by $10, from $180 to $170/night.

At 5pm I put on my consumer hat and searched for my listing for those dates. The price for my listing still showed as $180 in search results, despite it appearing as $170 in my calendar.

Has anyone else observed this?

Do you have an extra person fee? Were you searching for a guest count that would add that extra person fee?

I can’t imagine why you waited that long to test the price change. I test it almost instantaneously (on a different browser, not logged in), and it usually shows me the new price.

I think testing on a different setup is important. What is your setup like?

I do have an extra person fee but it’s for >4 guests. I was searching for 4 guests so that wouldn’t apply.

Are you asking what my system setup is? I’m running Chrome on Windows 7.

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Ta. And on what browser do you do the ‘user tests’? The same one?

@Astaire, I tried searching for my listing in a different browser and I’m seeing the same issue.

You can share your Airbnb link with us here (or me by PM) if you’re comfortable. I’ll then check.

@Astaire - I’ve generally used the same browser to search for prices and update my calendar. I’ve also tried searches when logged in and logged out - same thing.

Is it possible that Airbnb doesn’t update search results prices immediately and instead updates them in some sort of batch process?

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Much appreciated! Here’s the listing:

The dates in question are Aug 28-Sep 1.

There are several different factors that could affect this.

  • Browser Login/Cookies
  • Browser Cache
  • IP Address of your machine on the Internet
  • Airbnb’s policies on on CDN caching, geolocation etc

This can get quite technical. But if you’ve tried this on an entirely separate browser, especially after clearing cookies etc, you’ve eliminated any issues from the first 2 factors. Getting someone else to check will help test the 3rd and 4th.

Ah, appreciate the insight.

I did try clearing my browser’s cache and cookies.

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All good!

It’s correct on the listing itself, but not in search results. To reproduce:

  1. From the Airbnb search interface, enter Brooklyn, NY for the location.
  2. Enter Aug 28 - Sep 1 for the dates.
  3. Select 4 (or fewer) guests.
  4. Hit search, and then zoom the map to the east Bushwick area of Brooklyn, you’ll note the $190 rate:

On the search results, it says $190, which of course includes your $80 cleaning fee, which is 20 a night, so 170.

I am getting $166 / night including the cleaning fee. I suspect that your cache is holding onto the old price.

D’oh! I didn’t realize this was added. Thanks for your help!