How much of your personal items left in House w/Guests?

We are fairly new Hosts, and leave our personal residence and rent out the whole house to Airbnb Guests. We have a RV and take our 2 dogs and go to a local RV Park or plan a trip. So far when we have had Airbnb Guests here we put our personal valuable items, (medicines, jewelry boxes, pictures, newer shoes and purses, personal cosmetics), in boxes LOCKED in the Office where all of our check books, and financial stuff is. Then there is 3 Bedrooms, each with a Queen size beds. In these 3 Bedrooms we shove our Clothes hanging up over to one side and leave space with hangers for Airbnb folks. We also put our underwear and personal clothing in boxes in the Offices, leaving a few drawers empty for Guests. But still there are misc. items left in the other drawers.
The Kitchen we pretty much leave as is, with some valuable appliances, like Air Fryer, Mixer, new Waffle Iron, Blenders, Juicers, etc. We also lock the Garage entrance from the Kitchen and side door because my husband has many valuable tools in there.
We have a Refrigerator in the Garage and I empty all our house Food into it. But we do have a large Pantry in the Kitchen and have emptied it pretty much into the Garage too. (it is a hassle though) There are chests left with extra blankets and sheets, a Linen closet with towels, pillow cases and more sheets. And we leave most our shoes on one side of the Closets floor.
I just wonder what other Hosts leave in the House with Guests basically? We only rent for max 7 days but the jobs we have booked are mostly two nights and all have Good References.