How much guest mess is reasonable and best way to handle

Hi community,
so I had a filthy guest who left food out on the floor, mess everywhere, including bags of pot , and general just a disrespectful attitude ie" Whats the big deal its like a hotel, thats what the cleaning fee is for, i couldnt find a rubbish bag etc" . My mistake was they were a first timer. So how best do I handle. I thought charging for a few hours more deep cleaning (2x20=$40) was a reasonable response which she said no to, and is now with the airbnb resolution. I havent written a review yet and Im unsure how harsh I should be?. What is amount of mess is reasonable and any tips on how to avoid, my rules say “Please leave house clean and tidy and take rubbish out with you. Thank you” Any advice on this mess?

If I were you I would more specific in your house rules than, “Please leave house clean and tidy and take rubbish out with you.” People have wildly differing views on the meaning of clean and tidy. You would do better if you listed the chores you expect the guest to do: wash dishes, wipe kitchen counters, make sure that all trash is in trash bins, etc. Also, you should leave rubbish bags where guests can find them. The amount of mess that is reasonable varies from host to host. However, it sounds like your guest left a mess that is unreasonable by any host’s standards.


Yes, I have a “checkout procedures” list posted on the refrigerator with what I want done/what is important to me.

-Wash dishes
-towels in laundry basket
-all trash in can, but leave the bag (I hate when I have to use extra bags when I’m cleaning…)
-do not strip the bedding
-text me that you’re leaving

If people follow these rules they get 5 star on cleanliness and observance of house rules, even if there’s crumbs on the counter, minor splatter, etc. I have to clean everything anyway and people are on vacation. But major stains/spills, rubbish all over, etc is not respectful of the space.


That’s the way I look at it. For example, even if the guests have done the dishes and put them away, I still have to check them all for dried-on egg or whatever. And I have to clean the floor every time so it doesn’t matter to me if there are spills or crumbs.

Guests will usually take out the trash from the kitchen but in almost every case, they forget to empty the bin in the bathroom so I’m taking out trash after 99% of guests.

But it’s swings and roundabouts. For every not-so-tidy guest there are many, many guests who leave the place in great shape. So if I have guests who cause an extra couple of hours cleaning, I wouldn’t think of going to resolution for an extra $40 or so. I’d just eat it and thank my lucky stars for the 99% of guests who are great.

P.S. Be sure to leave cleaning materials, sweeping brush, extra trash bags etc. in the rental.


Your guest is disrespectful in the extreme. Clean the extra mess and leave a bad review. Taking that to resolution might be a waste of time.

“Unfortunately, Xx guest was messy and disrespectful of our house rules. In addition he argued with me about leaving the place cleaned up as required, saying his cleaning fee was for that purpose. Can’t recommend.”


I actually wrote a bad review but a fair one and although Airbnb agreed her behavior was poor,
they paid the extra fee, and blocked my negative review AIRBNB ARE PROTECTING THE GUESTS.
Hours earlier I believe she had been trying to hack into my account as I had numerous requests for a password change.

With all that said great advice from the community here. I also confess I get very frustrated when a guest acts poorly as I take it personally as I really like making an effort for people to have a positive experience. I have to get better at knowing there will always be a few bad apples but most people are well intentioned. Cest la vie.

I’m speaking for the entire community when I say no one wants to host a guest like that. To leave a mess like that without cleaning up is and INTENTIONAL, entitled thing to do. They think you are a maid and don’t factor in the time and energy it takes to clean an entire house before each guest. I would definitely leave them an honest review and thumbs down so they can not instabook. As you continue to host you will become less and less patient with these entitled guests.

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true. thats the word i entitled. youve seen the type before tall attractive blonde who has alot of attention so believes she is special and develops a brattish attitude. soooo annoying.
I want to think the best in everyone but no some people are just bad energy no matter how nice you be to them.

I am explicit in my check-out procedures and leave reminders EVERYWHERE including their welcome email, check-in email, check-out email, and leave hard copies in each room. Without leaving clear expectations, you’re leaving your house rules up for interpretation!

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Oh that’s so discriminatory against blondes… :joy::joy::joy:
I think I know exactly who you are describing and that’s not a stereotype, it’s an avatar! Keep hosting my friend :+1: