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How many listings do you have?

It strikes me that Airbnb’s core message is still targeting people that have 1 listing - perhaps listing their spare room or whole place while they are away - but I’ve seen a large number of people with 10+ signing up recently.

How many listings do you manage, and what do you think about people with more than 10?

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We have currently have 3 listings, that we own and manage, and hope to add a 4th by the end of the year.

The people with 10+ listings are generally management companies, and while I would personally never book with a management company, they absolutely serve a purpose. Two of the areas we are in are touristic centric and are mainly second homes. I completely understand our neighbors not wanting to deal with daily hassle of having a vacation rental, and just wanting to collect a paycheck .

I do wish AIR had more of a distinction between ‘hosts’ and ‘management’ companies.


@Robert_Dudley I meant our neighbors who use Management companies :slightly_smiling:

We have one listing at the moment but have just brought another apartment which we’re going to live in for a few months while our house is being renovated and then will be adding it as a second listing on airbnb.

I personally love the way that airbnb can be so many things for so many people, you can rent out a spare room, rent out your house just while you’re on holiday or make a real business out of multiple lets.

I have one listing and manage a listing for my sister. We plan to retire in Mont Dora florida so by that time will have 3 listing my main house, the studio and during the winter months the mount Dora property. I really don’t we can handle more then that.

I have just my home, I have it listed as a spare room. Sometimes, for instance when I am going on vacation, I activate the listing for the whole house.
I like the idea of airbnb being spare homes or rooms in homes, I have to say I think that businesses, such as those with properties specifically for rentals, and businesses such as the cottages around the corner from my house, should have to pay more of a service fee.

I have one listing, a condo that I bought as an investment.
I think that their is room of everybody on Air BUT there should be a search filter to differentiate homeowners and property managers, as well as “real” homes and vacation rentals.

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We rent out rooms on a separate level of our home. Some guests have told me that they purposely sought out a ‘shared’ arrangement in the spirit of the original airbnb. This is all I can handle; it is just extra income using spare rooms.

when shopping for a listing you can look at the host profile and see how many listings they have, which can give a clue. Also the reviews, what they say about their interaction with the host.

Other than that i think it’s going to be location, price, reviews for the majority if guests, but I don’t know. As another poster said, airbnb is like personal ads - people select what appeals to them.

I am the same. Rent a separate studio apartment that is part of my home. I am always on site during their stay. And it’s two max. As it is, no matter how quiet i want things to be, the entire street knows I am doing Airbnb. It’s like I have a giant spotlight overhead proclaiming… AIRBNB RENTAL HERE!!!. It’s perfectly allowed in my neighborhood, but of course not all residents love all the coming and going and the additional cars on our quiet street.

The original concept of the company was to offer home sharing. But of course, along with VRBO rentals, We’ve seen entire neighborhoods in Hawaii, mostly by the beach or resort areas, lose all their character and become vacation rental towns. There is sometimes bad behavior and large parties of people invading our neighborhoods. This is more true for the single family vacation rental homes.

Somehow I think it’s getting to be too much… and then there’s also the idea that all this ST renting also shuts residents out of long term rentals, creating a housing crisis. There should be a balance. I can see why some places are making Air renting illegal or restricting it.

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I have one a condo that I rent as a vacation rental.

Just one that’s on Air (a separate apartment) and another (directly below) that is not on Air but that I manage for the owner. I don’t think I could handle more!

I work from home and like to give as personal an experience as possible if the guests wish interaction. Both are usually booked several months in advance, often with two or three day stays, and I clean both places myself so they take up a lot of time.

So in a way, I sort of wonder about people who have multiple listing on Airbnb and do everything by ‘remote control’. I don’t think I could do that. This being said, although the money is wonderful, I truly enjoy meeting guests and getting to know them so I suspect that having multiple listings is not for me.

There is an Airbnb on the next street and the complex offers (I think) eight listings but what I like about that is that there is an onsite manager and the owner lives locally. I like the fact that guests have someone onsite in case of emergencies or issues. I have read bad reviews of places because something simple has gone wrong, like the internet going down or the loo being blocked, but when there’s someone on site, these can be resolved quickly. Owners who are not local would probably have a hard time dealing with such issues?

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Yes…welcome to our Banana Republic. LOL. Very true. Certain islands like Kauai have super strict regulations on STR. Also the scenic areas of Oahu–Kailua, Lanikai, etc… these places have been cracking down. Up to the individual neighborhood. There was a recent case (I believe I posted it here) where they went around closing them down on the spot and probably the poor tourists who rented them had to spend their Hawaii vacation at the Maile Skycourt (known as Waikiki’s cheapest tower hotel). Lolzzz.

You should sell your places and buy in Hawaii before Florida gets inundated with rising seawater! You know, Global Warming???

I agree about evaluating real estate here. Anyone thinking of buying here really should come over and see the listings in person! The agents are happily selling Lower Puna (cheapest real estate in Hawaii) right now for example… while probably conveniently failing to mention that in 2014, the entire southeast corner of the island–with its 10,000 plus residents–were literally less than a mile or from having their entire community cut off by lava flows. And no roads out. Longs, Island Naturals and Burger King were closed and evacuated. Suddenly, though it stopped. But now? “What lava flow?” How quickly we forget! It’s still there, heading from the vent toward Lower Puna again, just not moving quite as fast. I would never ever buy real estate there! It’s in the direct path of an active volcanic rift zone!

@konacoconutz we thought about Hawaii for our next property but decided against it because where we would want to buy had strict STR laws and places like HNL have a pretty crappy ROI if you are buying today. I have spent ALOT of time in Hawaii for work, in a previous life, and know the Big Island fairly well for a haole.

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Only one. A loft in a building next to our home. They have to use the bath room inside our house. I think there is room for all kind of listings on Airbnb, but I would like to be the listings of homeowners with few listings should be separeted/shwon different than the the listings from companies/vacation rentals.

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I have two listings, for one property. I use the second listing for unsold gap days - it has a strict cancellation policy rather than moderate, a shorter minimum stay and higher cleaning fee (to take care of the short 1-2 day stays). It’s annoying that AirBnB doesn’t have a way to do this effectively in just one listing, but this is the way that works for me.

I have 2 listings, but they are both in my family house, my spare rooms. I am planning on moving into my own home in a couple of months and will then have the option of listing the entire property, so that will be 3. Then my mums house will be fixed up and that will be another 3 rooms! Not sure how I will cope with it all :slight_smile: But they are all individual rooms within private homes, which I think is what Air has always been about. It is a bit of a shame that so many for want of a better word, hotels have come online and makes it hard sometimes for guests to figure out what they are actually getting. With the “management company” option, I am not sure how much of the personal experience you are going to get. But thats just my 2 cents :slight_smile:

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By the end of this year I will have 6 rooms in 2 houses to look after, it’s going to be very interesting to say the least. But they are my family homes, and I live here. I also have my mobile number on my key fobs so if there is any kind of tragedy I am easily reached. Only 3 of the rooms will have breakfast provided as I obviously cannot cook breakfast in 2 houses at the same time even though they are literally across the street from each other. I foresee fun times ahead for me :smiley:

I guess what I meant was exactly that, a unique personalised experience, as against a hotel or an impersonal property run by a management company.

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I have listings of the 1 bedroom I offer. They could fill different needs quests may have. One is the basic cheap one, no breakfast for example, 1 is more expensive, includes breakfast, a tour and entrance tickets for a theme park nearby, 1 is a “long stay” option, different terms and more expensive AND I made one for the upcoming Giro d’Italia event next month. Just testing the options to see whats works and what does not.

I’m new to ABB and rent out our entire home to golfers, weekenders, and such. I have had great success in helping to pay my bills via my VRBO listing. I also manage another VRBO home for a couple who live 2 hours away. It works for both of us. I’m considering putting their home on ABB as well.

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