How long will you wait for guest to respond

I have a guest requested to stay at our peak time (July) for 3 nights this morning.
No information provided and I replied to her and have not heard anything back since.
It has been 7 hours and my dates are block (in red).

How long will you give, since we are timed by Airbnb too?
What do you think of this reply to her:

“I cannot save these dates for you much longer. My dates are blocked from your request and I have not heard anything back from you.
You will can still book/request, of course, if someone else has not booked the dates.”

I’ve never saved dates for anyone.


Why would you EVER block dates for a client? Is there one good reason for this?

First-come-first-serve. If they want to stay they have to make their reservation, it’s as simple as that. If they want to risk other people making a reservation for those dates, it’s their problem, not yours.


It sounds like this was a request to book and the Airbnb timer is 24 hours. If you simply replied and didn’t accept or decline then the timer will keep going until tomorrow morning.

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I did not save the dates for the guest, never did. But what I see on my part of Airbnb, the dates are blocked (red colour) automatically when someone requested to stay.

From what I know, american set up and canadian set up are different.

See my replied to Jaquo

I believe last year there are options to accept request without blocking your dates.
Now there is no option for that anymore. It is just blocking those dates.

Reservation requests do block the calendar
You have 24 hours to accept or decline a reservation request before it expires. When you get a reservation request, those dates will be blocked on your calendar so that other guests can’t request them until you accept or decline the pending request.
Airbnb help page


I’ve always used instant book, so I don’t know. But that seems crazy, right?

They show in red on the inquiry portion but unless you specifically told Airbnb to block the dates and hold them, they should not be blocked. Go to your account and “travel” and search your listing/ calendar. They should show as open.

How can you accept a reservation request without blocking the dates? I think you may mean pre-Approve and for that the option still exists (at least for my NC, USA market).

You replied so that is good for Airbnb response time. As far as accepting, declining or letting it expire goes Im not 100% sure but if you do not want to book a non responsive guest I would call Airbnb to have them contact the guest so that you can comfortably accept when they reply. Try to avoid declining unless they still don’t respond and then I’d call Airbnb back and have them decline it on guest behalf since the guest didn’t respond. That way it won’t hurt you and we all know that nothing happens to the guest.

I had time this morning to call Airbnb and get some explanation for this matter.

Here in Canada, once the guest made a request to book, our dates are blocked.

Unfortunately, it is best to call Airbnb to decline just like MIlitaryhorsegal said so that our rating for acceptance won’t get hurt (mine is 87% and air expect 88%)

In reply to your original question: I’ll give up to a few hours before the 24-hour cut-off.

At that point I decline and send a message like “Hi guest, Before accepting your reservation, we need XYZ info. Airbnb requires we accept or decline within 24 hours, so we’re forced to decline right now. If you’d like to stay with us, please send a new request along with that info.”

It appears there was some confusion in this thread: when you get a reservation REQUEST it blocks your calendar for 24-hours, or until you respond with an Accept/Decline. It very much sounds like this is what you received.

A reservation INQUIRY is more like guests putting feelers out - they could be talking to 10 hosts. An inquiry doesn’t block your calendar unless you check that option when you pre-approve. It’s not worth your while to block dates unless it’s an attractive booking (longer term or what have you). Your options are Special offer, pre-approve, or decline. You don’t have to pick one of those options; replying to the message is enough to satisfy Air’s requirements (even though they’ll keep sending reminder e-mails to do more).

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