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How long does it take to get rid of a 2 star over all?

I had a very unhappy lady leave a very low star rating a year ago here is her review

Let’s be honest, you don’t come to St. Croix to hang out in your lodgings. This review is from 4 women who spent all day and most of the nights out and about but here’s what we thought: The Pros: Mill Harbour is an awesome community; older, but well maintained and we all felt incredibly safe with the security gate + guard. It’s SO nice to be able to walk to the beach and the pool in your backyard. There was plenty of parking, and it’s located very close to Christiansted (as well as grocery stores and a few restaurants). The condo was spacious and perfect for four people (hooray for two bathrooms!), and it was really nice to have a full kitchen to work in. The lagoon is SO nice, hearing the flow of water and eating breakfast out on sunny porch was a great start to every morning. There were ample clean, soft bath and beach towels and extra bedding. The toilet in the first bathroom broke, but the owners were quick to get it repaired (under 24 hours) - they were easy to get in touch with. There are movies and books and games aplenty, which is a great touch if you should happen to hit bad weather. The Cons: The condo could REALLY use a serious deep clean, I wouldn’t suggest staying here if you’re a neat freak. For the price, it was cool, and having stayed in the Caribbean and on St. Croix, I have pretty accurate expectations for the way things are - so that’s a heads up for anyone who hasn’t been around before. The bathrooms need a little TLC; rainbow duct tape is holding up the mirrors. All of the plates + cooking utensils were cleaned thoroughly before we used them. The internet is very, very slow and patchy, but you can go elsewhere on the island if you really need to send out emails. A lot of the stay was a ‘figure it out yourself’, like hunting down the dumpsters for garbage, but again, nothing you can’t figure out yourself. As of March 2015, the bar/restaurant was closed when we visited, just another heads up.
Overall: 2 stars
Cleanliness: 1 star
Accruacy 3: stars
Value: 1 star
Communication: 5 stars
Arrival: 3 stars
Location: 4 stars

So how long until this review stops counting in the final tally?

I never thought they stopped counting per se, just their impact lessens as they get averaged against a larger pool of higher-star reviews.

Sigh its been a year and most of my other reviews are 4 or 5 stars. I only have 10 reviews. Hopefully in the future
Thanks for your reply.

Most hosts always have a fluky review. I had one that a lady who loves to review even a taco stand under the moniker ‘loudcustomer’, complain about the dishes having a few spots on them; we use rainwater, it is an island! For that reason only, we are not worthy of being a 5-star hotel; we didn’t know we were suppose to, nor care. She wasn’t worthy of a reply.

LOL My place is on sn island too. St Croix USVI.

How many guests have you had in the time it took to get the 10 reviews?

I had 11 reservations one was not Air b n b the other 10 were airbnb

I agree she was a little harsh with the stars, but I have to say her review sounds pretty reasonable. Remember if you want consistent five-star reviews, you need to invest some serious energy into having five-star accommodations to offer.

Was this girl’s name Sarah? I think she just stayed at my place. :frowning:

I agree, but I do not think her review and stars are consistent, but that is just me

No. Her name was not Sarah.

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