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How Does Air Handle "Would Not Host Again?"

I have set the criteria on my listing to not accept bookings from anyone who has gotten a thumbs down on "Would you host this guest again? "

Do you know what message a person receives when they try to book with me but they have previously been thumbs downed by another host?

They only get the request to book option.
No instant book for them.
I have wondered if they actually notice the restrictions.
And since they can just set up a new profile so easily …… not much of a deterrent in my view


Another reason why honest, specific reviews are crucial!

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I do wonder, since they may be doing more ID verifications than they used to, if they would notice a new profile with the same ID?

How many ways can you ID yourself?
How many do they need?
I can supply Passport, Drivers License, boat license, our government medical scheme number, government ID card and that is without really trying….

Yep. No idea what Air considers “valid ID”, or what they do these days.
You point is certainly valid, regardless.

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a friend recently signed up - the only verification was a mobile number and an email address. Burner phone and a goggle addy.


I had to upload photo ID, which was obviously compared to the profile pic, as the first couple of times they rejected the ID. That was around five years ago, after unsuccessfully trying to access my original account.

The irony is that the name, email address etc, for the new account were all the exact same as the original.


For a long time Airbnb was using a middleware company for the verification, but last I researched it the middleware was not on sound financial footing. I wonder if they switched vendors. I will see if I can find out.

I really question how much the ID verified means. We require everyone to upload an ID in hopes that it may help reduce the ability for people to just create new accounts. However, recently a guest tried to cancel last minute and contacted CS about if her cousin could come in her place. CS asked us if this was ok and we said that would be a 3rd party booking, but if you have a way to transfer the booking to another persons account, we are ok with that. CS just advised them to change the name on their account! I was surprised they were told by air to just switch their account to someone else’s name. To top it all off, they never showed and left us a 1 star review.

And how did you go asking for a removal of the review?

What did they say, there’s a good chance you could have it removed.


Yes, I called and they removed it without any hassle, thankfully. I had no proof that they did or didn’t stay there other than I suppose the text from my cleaner saying it was untouched

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Don’t be surprised. Airbnb customer service is now manned by totally clueless reps who don’t know policy, give out completely incorrect info and advice. You really can’t depend on them for anything anymore, but great that you got the review removed.

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