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How do you share your bathroom time?


The broader question here is, do you ask folks what their morning schedule looks like?

I awaken and the guests are still asleep i think, and i want to use the shared bathroom for shower, etc. should i ask the night before about their morning plans so that i can determine a good time not to interefere and still get myntime in? Or just go ahead and not ask?

I want good reviews but also realize that it might impose too much to ask “whenwill you awaken and what are the plans”? I am sharing with them and also need to know!


If it was me, I’d ask the night before what time they will need the bathroom and work around them.


I think the best approach would be to inform them when you are likely to be using the bathroom, and for how long and to check they don’t have any early morning flights that would cause you to need to change your routine. Its courteous, but doesn’t force them into any time slot.


I try to keep the upstairs bath solely (unless some emergency) for the use of my guests and use the downstairs half bath when they are in the house. That means I shower when they are gone. The medicine cabinet and shelves are empty of my personal things so it appears they have a private bath as much as possible. I tell them this. But I am retired and it is easier for me to manage this. Also, my health club is just around the corner so I can shower there.


My guests have a half-bath to themselves but have to share the shower with everyone in their party, and a student who lives with us. And, my family of 5 almost always needs to shower (but we have our own shower) at night after work-outs, ballet or karate classes, etc. So far everyone has been totally cool with the juggling and we’ve had plenty of hot water.

I would just ask. If they can’t give you a time, that’s fine, they just have to wait if you coincide. I’ve not had any complaints. Just make sure you zip through your routine when possible. And, as someone else suggested, if possible, find times when they are out of the house of have gone to bed, if possible.

One thing about being a host - you have to learn to be flexible and expect the unexpected!!!

good luck!


I don’t know about asking them. They are on vacation, how can they know when they will wake up, and do they want to keep on their minds that at certain time they must take a shower?
When I stayed in houses where I had to share a bathroom with a host, actually I asked them when they go to work. They are more on tight schedule than me, a vacationer. Ussualy people go to work early in a morning, I would just wait for them to leave and without any rush i would take a shower.
If my host worked nights or was retired , mostly stayed at home, I would just take a shower whenever I want if it was available.
It was never any problem. Of course if I knew the host is home, I didnt take the bubble bath, I made my showers very fast.


We have a half bath and share the full bath with our guests. The full bath is closer to our guests so they tend to use it more. But we do let our guests know our work schedule the first day and ask if there is a particular time they need the bath. We let them know that if they need an hour to do their hair, to shower and use the powder room upstairs for as long as they want. What we have is a cute little door hanger on the full bath which indicates to the next person whether the bath is occupied or vacant. This is really handy when you forgot something in the bedroom and don’the want someone else slipping in before you were done. It works great.

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