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How do you handle friend/family wanting to use your rental?


It was !!! OMG. I would have :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: hated it, if anyone would have tried to play me like that.


I called him that day, after mailing it back and simply stated, I had someone
for those dates and I couldn’t possibly accept the gift card knowing the
odds of doing future dates didn’t look great.


I surely hope in the future…esp. this being peak season - that you will charge regular full rate. Yeah a $300 gift card to the restaurant he owns is not really even him spending $300. Now…when he is willing to give up his restaurant revenue for five days during peak season…


No joke!!! I also find it rather ironic that I have been off his radar😆
after that! Hahaaa


I also love it when people you haven’t heard from in ages suddenly become chummy because you have a house by the beach in Hawaii. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Oh, friends and family!

Just tell them you’re full, or it burnt down!


It’s so transparent! I mean really, come on!


Hi there,

Since I went Airbnb, my offer to friends and relatives is always the same.

Everybody registers for Airbnb.
Everybody books through Airbnb.
And everybody pays through Airbnb.

I am up to my yin-yang with alcoholic friends and relatives. (Just lucky, I guess!)

In 50 words or less, they pay a pittance, but they are beholden to Airbnb, and not just me.

Those that DO book are frequent flyers, and it has worked out very well.


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