How Do You Handle Cleaning Needs Before/After Guests?

Trying to get some feed back on what to expect from a cleaning company taking full care of the Air Bnb property while the owner is living out of the country. I am located in Utah where most guests will be coming for ski trips.

With an upscale rental what do you provide your guests with?
(towels, gift basket, maps,toiletries ect)

Do you charge an extra cleaning fee? If so is this only if the house is extra dirty or mandatory?

What do guests expect?

There are a zillion discussion of these topics already here – try searching for some of the answers already given.

Yes – charge a mandatory cleaning fee – something between $15 and $50, or even more.

Of course, in America you provide towels – bath, hand and wash cloths! Other items vary from host to host! It’s your place, you decide.

Just a cleaning company? I’d also want an on-site (or at least in-town) host to manage check-ins, check-outs, damage control; especially since you call the place “up scale”.

Thanks so much for the feedback!

Kenzie, feel free to use our software that allows you to automatically schedule your cleaners for upcoming turnovers. Check us out at By the way, it’s free.