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How do you confirm your registered guest if you have self check-in?

I live in a third world country and it does work, you should give it a try. I do have plenty of time as this is my only job, having that many apartments is very time consuming so i barely have any time free.

I look forward to learning tips and tricks to make everything easier!

I should have been more precise in my statement. I don’t think people are booking for another guest because that guest has terrible reviews and can’t get a booking. If it is for someone else, it is just convenience, Dad/Son, Work trip, relatives…


Sorry, I’m not quite sure what you meant. Try living in a third world country?

Hahahah, no. I meant try the Airbnb insurance if you ever ran into some issues guests.

Got it!

No, I have many guests who are repeats who don’t use Airbnb. Also guests who were accustomed to coming to our rentals before we started using Airbnb. In addition, I’ve had STR insurance since the early eighties for a B & B, plus short term rentals such as Airbnb.

Also, the Airbnb ‘insurance’ such as it is, covers guests only from the published check in and check out times. I prefer a little flexibility and the opportunity to offer early check in or late check out to our guests. To me, it’s restrictive. But if it’s working for you, that’s great :slight_smile:

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