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How do you confirm your registered guest if you have self check-in?

I don’t do self check-in. I live next to my Airbnb and always walk my guests through the house and its features. I also ask for the I.D. from the person who made the reservation and do not let other guests enter the property prior to the arrival of the account holder. This is not something a remote host can do so how do you confirm that the person staying at your property is actually the person who made the reservation?

Does it not really matter as long as you get paid? No big deal? Never have any issues?

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Cameras. But really, it’s never been an issue for me.


I have self check-in because it’s convenient for guests and some people prefer it. However, I live upstairs and, I guess I’m kind of old-fashioned, but I just peer through the windows as they arrive :wink: Self check-in also lessens the load on me a bit even though I do meet and check-in, either purposely or “by chance” most of my guests.

Sometimes I’m not home when they arrive but I’ve vetted pretty well and tried to create some rapport before their arrival and so then I don’t have to worry.


I don’t because I don’t have

But I will have before November ends.

It’s not been an issue, or if it was I didn’t know. :smiley: I had one guest volunteer that his dad was arriving the day prior to him, I just asked him to put his dad on the guest list with his name and contact info “for our mutual protection with AirBnB and insurance.” If I’ve had any 3rd party bookings, I was unaware (I don’t believe that I have).

Do cameras actually help make sure the guest that checks in is actually the guest that booked? Comparing a video image of a guest to whatever they have for profile photo can be difficult, but it’s nearly impossible if the guest is wearing a hat and sunglasses.

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I live an hour away so I have a lock box. Therefore, I’m not able to confirm their ID. It has not been an issue (knock on wood).

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As I relayed in a recent post I can greet someone in person who is a different race than the guest that booked and not realize for hours that it’s not the guest who booked. LOL.

Since I mostly just don’t care, it doesn’t much matter.


I have no idea if the person staying is one that made the reservation. Person making the reservation is vetted. I don’t think there is a high probability of people booking for others anyway.

This is very common in my reservations, maybe someone else is checking-in before than the actual person who booked is.

I don’t really mind as they must share their official ID’s through the Platform and they must be held responsible for that person, which must be included in the reservation.

If you really wanted only the person who booked into your apartment, maybe try adding camera in front of the door (outside) but it’s too much time consuming, Airbnb has an insurance for hosts, you shouldn’t worry about that too much.

Melvin the consensus here is that you should indeed worry…if you are depending on Airbnb “insurance.” How long have you been hosting? Do you have stories you can tell where you had a good experience with this so called “insurance?”


I work full time and don’t have time to meet people, as they come. Self check-in is preferable. Cameras are fine. Also I tend to accept people with good reviews from other users. I never had an issue.

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I meet most guests but for those who are coming on a late flight, I arrange self check in. As long as I get paid, as long as they don’t make a noise and as long as they leave the place in good shape I don’t care if they are a couple from Mars :slight_smile:

Melvin, are you a new host? Your post implies that you don’t have STr insurance and are relying on Airbnb - please read the forum here thoroughly!


Hello KKC,

I’ve been hosting for around 8 months and have well over 16 properties. I have had past experience where guests have trashed the apartment, TV’s, beds, chairs, etc. and i have been refunded accordingly.

I do not have STR insurance, Airbnb has covered a few times in the past.

I find that a bit scary but if you’re fully conversant with the system, have loads of time to make claims and never take guests from any other source, then that might work for you.

Unfortunately, I’m in the States so it would never work in this litigious country.

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Yeah, I don’t really have anything in common with you in that regard and have made no claims yet (5 years/700 guests)

I’m happy the Airbnb system is working well in your situation. It’s always great to hear because there are a lot of folks biting the Airbnb hand that fed them, if you know what I mean.

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Yet you see reports of it on this forum all the time…

You must be new to Airbnb. I recommend reading fully the details of what insurance you think Airbnb gives you.

Count yourself very lucky then!

Yes i have read them and i’m also new compared to members of this forums, i got all the receipts for all my furniture well kept and organized since i bought everything new for these apartments. I feel safe with Airbnb.

The only problem is that they take a while to review the case and release the funds.

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