How do I verify all guests under one booking

another newbie question… how can I see all guests under one booking as being verified or perhaps I want to make sure not missing something. I have the original guest who requested but I am requiring that all guests be verified under AirBnB. I see 3 names under her booking, well 2 names, 1 says verified, one nothing and one not even a name, just says guest. I asked that all her guests get verified and she said they did but maybe there is a time lapse before it comes through to me?

If all guests have Airbnb accounts, the booking guest can added them to the reservation and the host can see their profiles (your later review of the guest will show up on their profiles, too).

This is not a requirement from Airbnb, though. I don’t know if you can enforce it.

I have one recurring guest who comes to Florida because the couple’s daughter has a four-month-old baby.

They just left this weekend. The husband always makes reservations for three, but they only have two.

This time I asked him why he says three when they are only two and he said he sets it for three in case they choose to have the grand-baby and his family for lunch. No idea why. Nice, clean people, so I do not make an issue of it.


No way that I can see to REQUIRE that all guests be verified. Only the person booking is required to be verified.

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Maybe put in the house rules? Better than nothing if that’s what she wants.

I have that ‘dogs must be pre-approved’ in my house rules and it’s been easy to cancel when guests haven’t, or actually , to get them to cancel once I show them it’s in the house rules. But airbnb has enforced it as well when I called in about someone.

You can’t put something in the house rules that isn’t enforceable.

This would mean that all guests would need to sign up to having an Airbnb account and then the lead guest would need to add them to the booking.

People aren’t going to want to do this, so it would severely restrict those wanting to book with @Josie0811

Or they would book without doing it and then @Josie0811 would have to spend time trying to get guests to sign up.

Why would a new host want to do that?

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You can ask for their names, ages, and address and ask for them to send a selfie. I used to as for govt. photo id but Airbnb said I couldn’t ask for that unless is was required by my law, insurance or HOV. I also ask that their legal name and a selfie profile pix be on the account of the person who booked. This way I can verify that the people coming in are who they say they are. For visiting guests I ask the same info but it has to arrive 2 days before booking and that they can not exceed maximum of 3 people including those booked.(I have a max of 3 people). It helps a lot to gut out the bad actors. I very rarely do a search on the names but have.

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Have never known who other guests are in 4 years of hosting. Never a problem.


Really, I have no idea why any host would want to do that. I was just brain-storming ideas for the OP who said she might want to do that. I was going more with the how then the why :woman_shrugging:

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This is pretty non-standard. The booking person takes on financial responsibility for the group, so Air only cares about validating them.

Before my city started requiring guest names, I just knew the booking person’s name and zip about their friends.

What are you hoping to achieve by verifying the other guests? There’s more than one way to skin a cat, so to speak, and I think you could alleviate a concern more easily by tackling it from another angle. Are you concerned about security? Are you hoping validation means they’ve done background checks?

I’m concerned if you push this approach you’ll end up with frustrated guests (=bad reviews) or slim bookings.

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Same but make it 9 years. The person who made the booking is responsible for the behavior of the other guests. No way you can get all guests “verified” and Airbnb will not back you up on this.

Verify what? ID, you don’t get to see that. Email? nope, you do not get that either. Just curious what it is that makes a verified guest any better than one that is not verified in no way that you can see…