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How do I send a private message on Twitter?

So I created a twitter account. I see the Air reps. on facebook keep telling hosts to send them a “private” message on twitter.

How do I do this?

Anything I should know about Twitter? It looks like creepy facebook. Right away I see they suggested I follow a past guests’s posts. Can my guests tell I looked at their twitter account…when I didn’t even have a twitter account??

app or browser?

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@cabinhost You should find @airbnbhelp, and then select FOLLOW.

Now select MESSAGES from the horizontal menu bar.

Now you will be at a dialog that you can find NEW MESSAGE. Address it to @airbnbhelp.

This should be approximately what you will see once you have sent your message.


OK…I will try this. So this is a private message then…meaning the world can’t see this info?? So I can include my phone number, email, and listing in the message??


Totally private :slight_smile:

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I didn’t receive any confirmation that says “We will reach out to them” but I can see my message under the direct messages. And it shows 1 hr off to the right. So I assume that it was sent over an hour ago…right??? No?

Also, where will I receive a response? In my gmail inbox? Or do I need to be logged into twitter on the computer, and keep checking somewhere?

Thanks everyone.

It can take them some time to respond, particularly if your issue doesn’t strike them as urgent. :wink:

In my case, I get the notification that they have finally responded to my tweet on my phone [since I have their app installed] as well as a slight change in the browser window. They will not respond via email. They will respond via twitter since that is how you contacted them. You only enter the email world if that is how they choose to help you.

I should have suggested that you have a pot of coffee ready!

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Your guest probably gave twitter access to their contact list and you are on it. It is creepy.

I see. So my guests don’t know I am cyber stalking them??

ahhhhhh…OK - so basically, if I don’t have the app on my phone - then I need to be logged into Twitter on my computer and just keep viewing the page to look for a response?

I understand they won’t email me…but I won’t receive a notification in my email that I have received a new message on twitter??

Yes. If you follow them, then they will be alerted that you are following them. If you use a username that clearly identifies you, they will know that you are stalking. however, if you choose not to follow, but just search, you can stalk anonymously. Though, they will probably get the same message you did in reverse.

Maybe I get an email about a response… I would have a filter to send that to the trash if there was. I am getting enough dings and bings and bells as it is.

OK…I only stalked before I even created the account. But the reason they may get a message to follow me…is because I am in their contacts list?? - like what KIKC mentioned?

I get a copy of Airbnb Twitte messages by email. I can’t remember whether I needed to change a setting to enable this, though.

You give out your email to guests? And a real one at that?

Yes, my “real” one…lol.

I have two emails: one is my regular personal email, and the other is on my website and gets forwarded to me.

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