How Do I Edit Description on Listing Not Yet Posted?

I am a soon to be new host and I have an in progress listing on a home that is not quite ready to go live. I can edit the most of the details but I can’t find a place to edit the personalized description, the part that is my own verbiage about the house. I also can’t find the answers on how to edit on the Airbnb site. It takes me to an area where I can edit some things but not the description. Am I only allowed to edit it after I load the photos?

Also, how do I edit the calender to show that the weekend price is at a higher price? I was able to set my price but don’t see a way to modify the calendar price.

I want this listing to go live in about 3 weeks so hoping to get it all ready to go so I can hit the ground running.

Thanks for any help you can provide!

There are all kinds of things that you can not do until you hit the “list this” button. But, you can have the description written, outlined your price exceptions, and an readied all the other things that they don’t let you set and when you go live, immediately snooze, make the changes, and go live again. This way you don’t waste your new host boost.

Thanks smtucker! Wish they had that info in the website! I spent a good hour the other day trying to figure it out and inally gave up, thinking maybe I just wasn’t seeing it. Did the same thing today!

What are new host boosts?

This link might explain well.

@pdxwindjammer. When your listing goes live, there is a period of time that your listing appears higher and more frequently than hosts who have been hosting for a longer period. In my case, I had filled three months by the end of the second week. The phone was doing the AirBNB ding several times a day with bookings. In my case, quite by accident, I listed at the start of the high season for my area, which no doubt helped.

So, in addition to everything I mentioned above, possibly be ready with saved messages as to directions to your home, templates for first inquiry and booking, and start a library of common questions answered to you can do cut and pastes regularly.

Jaquo, thanks for the link. Great info in that article!

smtucker, good idea to have the directions mapped out to the house before going live. I have already google mapped many of the great restaurants, bars, etc. around my new house.

I just bought a house in one of the hottest neighborhoods in Portland near some of the best restaurants in town plus walking distance to hiking trails with incredible views over Portland, OR. I am furnishing it with very good beds, furniture and I have also bought new sheets, bedding, pillows, cutlery, place settings and pots and pans. I am going to make this a top notch rental and I think I can get between $175-250 per night depending on the time of the year and if it is a weekend. It has two master suites and it is completely remodeled so I think those two things will make it very desirable. There is a one car garage but not sure if I will have that available.

Thanks again!

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Sounds like you are on your way to success. Portland is a hot market. The more legwork you have done, the less you will be overwhelmed when you go live. I hope that you will come back and let us know how it is going for you.

I sure will! My new house won’t close for another couple of weeks but I am ready to hit the ground running, get it all furnished and decorated, get professional photos taken and get some bookings! I am very excited and this is a serious business venture for me. It is an investment property and I will have access to the basement suite through a separate entrance and I will keep that for myself.


Hi @pdxwindjammer

Don’t forgot to look at Airbnb’s Help Section - it will answer most questions you will have along with the Community Guides on the Airbnb Community Centre.

I would always suggest new hosts don’t have Instant Book turned on so you can monitor potential guests and make sure there is a good fit before you confirm a booking.