How do I delete an Airbnb listing?

How do I delete one of my old Airbnb listings? I’ve found the “snooze” and “unlist” options, but there seem to be no way to completely delete the listing?

Erase all the text and delete the pictures?? I don’t think there is a one-button solution

@Jan_J If you have a look at the Airbnb Help Centre - and search deactivate a listing - it gives you instructions.

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Click “Dashboard” then “Calendar and more” then “Basics”. deactivate is at the bottom

Thanks, but deactivating the listing doesn’t remove it completely.

Hi @Jan_J not quite sure what this means but why not call Airbnb if you are having issues around this? Good luck,

I guess they don’t allow people to delete listings. This doesn’t surprise me. This is how these corporations roll. They try to maintain all control like big bullies. The only way to delete the listing is to delete your account entirely probably.

You can delete it. I just noticed a control button for that.


On what basis do you say Airbnb don’t allow people to delete listings? You can both delete them permanently and put them on hold. You definitely don’t need to delete your account.

Just go into the Manage Listing section and click a couple of buttons.

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