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How do I block someone from rerequesting after a decline?

How do I block someone from rerequesting after a decline? I’m worried about repeated declines of the same guest hurting my response rate.

I’m not sure how you would do that. But has this actually happened or is this a hypothetical question?

This is a question for Airbnb I think. Why did you decline? Even though they say declining doesn’t count against you, it does if you have a bunch of them close together. I’m curious how you resolve this - if you do contact Airbnb about it, could you post here again and let us know what happened?

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Yes, I declined someone and they requested again the next day.

Wow! They can’t take the hint huh?

As a matter of interest, why did you decline them? If it was because they wanted something that you can’y supply (such as bringing a pet if your listing isn’t pet friendly) then you could contact Airbnb about it.

Are you sure it wasn’t a mistake? I did that recently, they said their place wasn’t available and I accidently sent another request.

I declined them because they asked for a discount, and they requested again offering the full amount, but the kind folks here have warned me to be wary of discount-seekers.

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