How Do I Become A Co-host

I’m in Philadelphia and I would Love to be a co host. How do I go about it?

Start by reading the Airbnb Site information regarding co-hosting.

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Thank you Ken. I did that but was wondering how people connect with others looking for co host.

I found it, Ken. Easier to look on desktop.

I’m actually looking for a forum that connects you with people looking for co host. Is there such a thing?

No there isn’t.

I would suggest you approach it like you would marketing any other business.

  1. Market research to identify there is a demand for the service you want to offer at your price point and to understand your local competition

  2. Think about how you reach your target customer - including PPC ads, being active in local host groups, host your own events with speakers of interest to hosts, have your own website and local media, being active on social media hosts frequent.

  3. Develop a marketing plan to identify channels and activities. Identify a budget for your marketing activities.

  4. Evaluate what works well - do more of that and less of activities that aren’t as effective.


Thank you!!! Great advice!!!

Hello @LivingInTranquility

You can simply search your area on airbnb and message some hosts asking if they need any help (going on holidays) etc. It would help if you are a host as well as they can see your reviews :slight_smile:

Thank you!!! That’s a great idea. I’m not a host. I own a cleaning company that specializes in short term rental turnovers. My company handles mostly everything for Airbnb host but the reservations. There’s a lot of issues I see from my end that can be eliminated. I’m just looking for a host willing to trust in what I can do. IG: living_in_tranquility

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I wouldn’t suggest this @Gem20. It’s not a great idea. Hosts can get annoyed at this approach as if they don’t respond in a certain time to companies advertising their services, it can affect their response rate.


Then you can’t market yourself as co-host you need to market yourself as a cleaning company with add ons.

My bill is in the post :slight_smile:

When I make it I will gladly pay☺️

Such as? I’d welcome your insights with details when you make statements like that. Might benefit us all

  1. Sending out check out reminders in the evening or morning.
  2. Having an automatic system that books cleaners when reservation is made. (We go to units often in the middle of reservations or no cleaning is needed)
  3. Keep inventory stocked. Have enough sheets and towels.
  4. Take pride in how the unit looks. Even an older unit can look beautiful with the right touches.
  5. Updated Welcome Book. If you’ve been hosting for 5 years I hope you don’t have the same book as when you first started.
  6. Check behind your cleaners every now and then. If they see you don’t care they won’t care. That’s when cutting corners start.
  7. Be available as a host to your cleaning crew during check out and check in time.
  8. Make sure your units are tailor for your target guest. If it’s a family home. Have things that’s makes it easier family with small children or children in general.

I could go on and on. Host should always remember that we are in the Hospitality Business.

@LivingInTranquility - forgive me but you do seem to be quite naive where Airbnb is concerned (if your list is anything to go by). You tell us nothing about your experience and skills.

If I was looking for a co-host (and I’m not) I’d want to see someone with experience of being an Airbnb host, someone who excels at marketing, a person who has sales and customer service skills, someone who can quickly and easily deal with guest problems that arise at any time of day or night, a person with a great network of repair people, plumbers, electricians etc. who can come at a moment’s notice to fix any problems, someone who can be on hand as soon as guests check out and turn the place over properly within a few hours, a person who can be diplomatic but at the same time firm with guests, someone who can handle all guests’ questions regarding the rental and the local area…

Like you, I could go on and on…

Your list seems to be only what any decent cleaning person would do, not a host.

Your reply is the point. I said from a cleaner stand point these are areas where the host drops the ball making our job harder. Which we see directly impacts the guests. All your points are important to you from a host standpoint. $ A host should be well rounded and realize everything is important. You are in the hospitality business not real estate. If you asked a guest what would make their experience enjoyable. I doubt it if any of those things would be on the list.