How do I assess cost of minor damage to appliances?

Hi. I’m a recent Superhost and most guests have been problem-free. But a guest who just checked out broke the pouring tip of the glass coffee pot (part of a coffeemaker set) and the back part of the microwave oven is dented but is still functional. The guest checked out without letting us know about the damage. The replacement cost of the coffee pot will be easy to estimate (based on purchasing replacement) but how do I put a dollar value on the oven? Any suggestions on how to handle this greatly appreciated.

You should be able to obtain an estimate from an authorised service centre

Have you raise the issue with the guest, have they acknowledged they did the damage?.

Keep all communication on the system.

I would not seek reimbursement for a chipped or broken lip of the pour spout of a glass coffee carafe. I would factor it in as wear 'n tear or simply as an accident. You can purchase a 4-cup coffee maker at a big box store for often under $15, so just replace it. The guest mis-judged distance and caught it against a hard surface.

As for the microwave oven, the guest obviously placed a wider object in the microwave oven and tried to close (or slam?) the door on it which caused the dent at the back. You might contact them and ask how the dent came about and get them to acknowledge it. Then seek replacement or damage value.

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I agree. I also wouldn’t see the microwave dent as worth bothering about either. Cost of doing business.

So are occasional broken glasses, bent spoons (waste disposer), stained sheets and towels, scuff marks on walls… all these and more are going to happen.

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Thanks. The guests is denying any accidents or breakage, saying if anything was damaged he would have brought it to our attention right away and claiming the carafe was broken when he checked in! This obviously was not the case. I do not desire to escalate but my wife is furious.