How can I use this for marketing?

I’m not a skier, but if YOU are I need your help.

My city-owned ski area made this great video, and I’d like to use it to lure folks to come ski in Alaska. We usually have more snow, and earlier, than most lower 48 resorts, and an adult day lift ticket is just $61!

I’m willing to go ahead and make all the local arrangements if I can just reach skiers who are tired of crowded and commercial slopes, but the problem is reaching them with this video (I know that if it’s a ski or snowboard video they’ll watch it).

Any ideas of where I can reach them? By posting to Twitter or Facebook? Any hot skiing forums? At this point I have zero for a marketing budget but I do have videos and pix.

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amazing!! that actually scares me a little cos i’m not that good a skier.
but there are SO many people looking for the “undiscovered” places.
you could maybe make shorter clips for tiktok and insta but i’d hope the resort is doing that too.

Not a skier – I snowshoe when I’m around the cold white stuff., so can’t help with places to market. BUT – I have done my share of marketing for companies where I was the marketing writer as well as writing manuals and such…

The First thing I would do is check with the city to see if they will allow You to use Their marketing video free of charge – or if you’ll have to pay a fee. Intellectual property theft (use without permission on FB, Twitter etc.) is not good thing.

Personally I don’t spend ANY money on marketing – that’s part of what Air gets their fees for, in my book. They are doing targeted marketing of my listing for my geographic area and situation. Of course I’m not trying to do STRs as a major business, just a hobby sideline as it were.

They are encouraging sharing it.

Most folks don’t think about going to Alaska in the winter, except for a few from countries where winter doesn’t happen. I once did a tour in January for two South African women who wanted to experience winter and see auroras.